Sales Exercises to Hone Your Negotiation Skills

In the present era, there’s no denying that Sales Automation is the key to add prolific success to your organizational portfolio. Yet, while CRM software’s add a boost to your framework, the real gold lies within your “people skill”. In our illustrious tenure as one of the Top crm companies in Delhi ncr, we have seen young professionals having the right tools to succeed, yet faltering when it comes to negotiation.  Having extraordinary negotiation skills is the first requisite a successful sales personal needs to be armed with. Through Relationship cloud CRMs, you can gather vital information on consumer behavior, but to convert that into a loyalty based paradigm today, you need the right set of negotiation skills. A good set of negotiation skills, added with a proficient Lead management CRM can transform a dead lead to a convinced customer.


To be a “sales maverick” one should keep the below pointers in mind:

  1. Identify Negotiation Weaknesses

Self-awareness is what set’s apart an earnest learner from a blind shooter. It is crucial to be aware of and start working on your personal negotiation shortcomings. Often, you tend to get nervous and offer unnecessary discounts or in turn, your reluctance to compromise leads potential buyers to lose interest. Identify such blindspots early, as it provides you ample of space to work upon. There is a lot put on stake during a negotiation with the buyer- the focus needs to lie on your objectives, your prospect’s goals, potential landmines, and more.

  1. Conduct thorough research.

 Before proceeding into any negotiation, you need to research extensively. Researching, time and again, has proved to be an asset. Whether it’s gauging your customer base or coming up with quick solutions to burgeoning, research helps you put your best foot forward. You need to take it upon yourself to learn the best practices for search, assembling key reliable sources of information, and learning the art of asking pertinent questions to get deeper, more detailed pockets of insights.

  1. Practice Negotiating With Challenging Prospects

Although, to you normal negotiations may seem challenging enough, to get a better grasp, mine traps have to be thrown across. Negotiations with demanding buyers having irrational requirements may be one of the most challenging situations you’ll face as a salesperson, hence utilize such people to the fullest. Think of it as a bootcamp for negotiation so more practice you have, the better are your chances of crafting a mutually beneficial deal. The adage “Practice makes it perfect” works beautifully here.

  1. Learn body language cues.

There is no question that body language forms a major fulcrum when it comes to interpersonal communication, especially in sales. Subtle cues, like an uncomfortable shift in a chair or a particular stance of the consumer can give you major insight into what’s going on in the other person’s mind, in turn signalling you on the correct pitch to start with. It is imperative that you need to be attuned to this body language to crack this important asset for your benefit.

Maximizing on these points can take a while, yet with time, these will prove to lift your sales pitch to a phenomenal level, adding leverage to your set of essential skills. Yet, keep this in mind, consumers are abhorrent towards careful deliberation and overdoing these tricks can put a death knell to your sales program. So, utilize these judiciously and you are well into the path of sales stardom.

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