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Retractable Seating - PMS Prestige 0

Retractable Seating – PMS Prestige

Retractable Seating – PMS Prestige Retractable seating from the manufacturer ‘Prestige Multi System Sdn Bhd’ is popular for its durability and comfort. PMS provides the best retractable seating options… Find out more/Send Enquiry

Cinema Seating - PMS Prestige 0

Cinema Seating – PMS Prestige

Cinema Seating – PMS Prestige PMS is the reputed manufacturer and supplier of Cinema seating. It offers seats with various options including gravity tilt and cup hold. TGV Cinema, the Strand, Kota Damanara, PJ…...

Auditorium Seating - PMS Prestige 0

Auditorium Seating – PMS Prestige

Auditorium Seating – PMS Prestige Made with durable materials to give maximum seating comfort with silent tip up mechanism. Stadiums installed with PMS Auditorium seating are Calvary Convention Center (Selangor), Genting (Pahang), Mindef (Kuala...

Stadium Seating - PMS Prestige 0

Stadium Seating – PMS Prestige

Stadium Seating – PMS Prestige Prestige Multi System Sdn Bhd (PMS) offers top-notch stadium seating solutions with an aim to provide comfort to each and every spectator in the stadium. PMS stadium seating is...

Outdoor Modular Staging 0

Outdoor Modular Staging

Outdoor Modular Staging Trenomat stages are some of the most robust on the market. There are several varieties of their durable, modular systems, offering complete flexibility. Stages can be built up from standard 2m...

Pool Side Seatings 0

Pool Side Seatings

Pool Side Seatings The Alpha Centurion is suitable for outdoor or humid environments, with a resilient spring-free counterweight tipping mechanism, and special weatherproof coating to the metal frame. This model is available in tread...

Matrix Removable Seating 0

Matrix Removable Seating

Matrix Removable Seating Matrix is a unique, removable seating system; quick to assemble, easy to store and extremely space efficient. The system can be used alone or to complement our retractable or fixed seating...

Auditorium and Arena Seating 0

Auditorium and Arena Seating

Auditorium and Arena Seating A range of 10 distinct chair styles, each with their own customizable features ensure they suit and enhance the design and atmosphere of your venue as well as the meeting...

Retractable Seating – TX Platform 0

Retractable Seating – TX Platform

Retractable Seating – TX Platform Retractable seating systems, sometimes referred to as telescopic seating, tribunes or bleachers, are tiers of seating that fold away into a space the depth of a single row. Perfect...

Magdeburg Seating 0

Magdeburg Seating

Magdeburg Seating This Business Seat offers all the advantages of first-class seating: Comfortable upholstery, high backrests, ample seating space – and everything at business-class rates. It is also available with a higher backrest… Find...