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Mammography Unit Siemens Novation DR 0

Mammography Unit Siemens Novation DR

Mammography Unit Siemens Novation DR Like regular mammography, digital mammography produces pictures of the breast using X-rays. Instead of film, this process uses detectors that change the X-rays into electrical signals, which are then...

Ultrasound Probe GE i12L 0

Ultrasound Probe GE i12L

Ultrasound Probe GE i12L The GE i12L is an intraoperative ultrasound transducer probe. The GE i12L is used for pediatric, small parts and vascular applications and exams. This transducer is a specialty probe that...

MRI Scanner Siemens Avanto 0

MRI Scanner Siemens Avanto

MRI Scanner Siemens Avanto MAGNETOM Avanto provides ease of use, revolutionary image acquisition and clinical benefits, YOM:2005, Coils: Spine Matrix col, Body Matrix, Head Matrix, Neck Matrix, Shoulder coil 4 ch… More Details

Ultrasound GE Vivid E9 0

Ultrasound GE Vivid E9

Ultrasound GE Vivid E9 4D cardiac imaging technology makes it possible for doctors to get a view of the heart from different perspectives with a single capture. As this technology is becoming more and...

Non-Sterile Hysteroscope 0

Non-Sterile Hysteroscope

Non-Sterile Hysteroscope The Non-Sterile Hysteroscope consist high resolution video camera which is able to view uterine cavity clearly. Non-Sterile Hysteroscope is used to examine and diagnose the pathology, endometrial peeling and healing condition… More...

Hip Instrumentation 0

Hip Instrumentation

Hip Instrumentation Our company is engaged in offering an exclusive array of Modular Hip Replacement Instrumentation. We make use of first grade raw materials that are sourced from reliable vendor base of the industry…...

Uncemented Modular Bipolar 0

Uncemented Modular Bipolar

Uncemented Modular Bipolar We have 2 types of stems in Uncemented Modular Bipolar Hip Prosthesis implant one with lower offset and one with higher offset. Both have 5 different stem sizes. These stems are...

Total Hip System 0

Total Hip System

Total Hip System Total Hip System and Custom made hip replacement system is an FDA, ISO 13485 approved implant available in polished, collarless Gen-X series 3 options stems, Muller 3 option stems, Standard 2...