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Flexrobot 0


Flexrobot A robot optimized for high-speed point-to-point movements, designed to be flexible to the various production procedures involved in de-palletising/palletising and unpacking/packing. It has four electronic movement axis with integrated controller… More Details

Low-level automatic palletiser 0

Low-level automatic palletiser

Low-level automatic palletiser Low-level automatic palletiser with the pallet in a stationery position for medium production needs. Ideal for cartons, crates, jerry cans and shrink packed products. The products on in-feed are distanced one...

Monoblock Cartoning Station 0

Monoblock Cartoning Station

Monoblock Cartoning Station Cartoning station of new generation, with integrated erecting, packing and sealing sections for RSC cartons. Compact footprint designed to work with different types of products… More Details

Carton Packing Systems 0

Carton Packing Systems

Carton Packing Systems Automatic carton packer with 2 movimentation axles, conform to receive and organize in a suitable way the boxes coming from the filling section, pick them up according to a proper quantity...

Vega 120B: Sweep Depalletiser 0

Vega 120B: Sweep Depalletiser

Vega 120B: Sweep Depalletiser Compact depallatiser for the complete layers of product composed in product support walls, mechanical system for vertical movement of the pallet and pusher bar for evacuation of layer on the...

Tray Formers 0

Tray Formers

Tray Formers Combi tray forming machines will form regular slotted trays in various configurations to accommodate the agriculture, food processing and distribution industries. Our tray forming machines easily integrate with Combi case packers… More...

Case Packers 0

Case Packers

Case Packers Combi offers custom case packing solutions for top-load, side-load, and drop packing configurations. Our pick and place packers are top loading, servo-driven packers for a variety of products that are precisely placed...

Case Sealers 0

Case Sealers

Case Sealers Combi manufactures quality packaging case sealing solutions for the widest range of applications. From standard RSC cases in every size, to cases with overlapping or sequentially folded flaps, to tuck-folded flaps, L-clips...

Hand Packing Stations 0

Hand Packing Stations

Hand Packing Stations We’ve created systems that seamlessly integrate a case erector, hand packing station, and case sealer into a compact, ergonomic and cost effective work cell. The Combi Ergopack® is unique to the...

Case Erectors 0

Case Erectors

Case Erectors Combi has been manufacturing for the past 23 years one of the most diverse ranges of reliable, custom case erectors on the market today. Flexibility is the key to these machines –...