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Proteomic approach 0

Proteomic approach

Proteomic approach The underlying proteomic approach is distinct from current high-throughput technologies that are based on recombinant systems and therefore suffer from high error rates, in that Logopharm uses native tissues and cells as...

High Content Antibody Profiling 0

High Content Antibody Profiling

High Content Antibody Profiling Even with careful design of epitopes and selection techniques it isimpossible to predict the in-vivo binding properties of antibodies towardsnatively folded proteins. High content antibody profiling through Logopharm’s… More Details

Vial Processing 0

Vial Processing

Vial Processing Design for optimized safety – For optimum product safety, actuation and working areas are strictly separated. The filling needle movement and the stroke movement of the pumps are observed by rotary motion…...

Isolator Line 0

Isolator Line

Isolator Line The future of aseptic or toxic production belongs to the advanced isolator technology. It offers the smallest and safest clean room technology in the market today and opens new dimensions in production...

High Speed syringes line 0

High Speed syringes line

High Speed syringes line Groninger has perfected itself in the entire process of packaging pre-sterilized syringes in the nest, which it helped the manufacturer for designing standalone special machines and development of fully automated...

First Aid Products 0

First Aid Products

First Aid Products The innovative wound and eye wash spray manufactured from Aurena Laboratories supports wound healing with an isotonic saline solution, which mechanically removes foreign bodies, reduces pathogens… More Details