Is Link Building Important for B2B Businesses?

For many Business to Business (B2B) companies, marketing comes in the form of email lists, cold calling, or pitching their product to other companies. However, link building could be a very valuable marketing method which many B2B companies are ignoring. Not only does link building give B2B brands the opportunity to create content which helps to establish them as an authority, it can also improve their search engine optimisation, something which is very important for businesses of all types today. We’ve listed just some of the main reasons why link building is becoming more and more essential for B2B companies.

Increase of Online Businesses

The fact that more and more businesses are going mainly or wholly online means that more and more companies are using the internet in order to search for the B2B products that they need. Even if your company has a website and sells products or services online, link building is an important part of your marketing campaign which will help to increase your online presence, improve your ranking in the search engine results, and help you to stay on top of your competition. For more information on how link building can help your B2B company to remain competitive, see

Increased Competition

The fact that it’s now easier than ever before to set up a business online with little startup capital means that many B2B companies are facing increasing, stronger competition. Just a quick Google search makes it evident that there are thousands of websites and companies fighting for that top spot, and with so much competition to deal with, it’s vital that B2B companies are using link building in order to be a strong competitor. The more genuine, authentic links you have directing back to your site, the stronger your position will be in the search engine results.

Better Website Traffic

With both businesses and consumers doing more and more of their shopping online, one of your main concerns as a B2B company owner should be driving more and more traffic to your website. Your company website should be central to your online presence, and by creating authentic links on platforms such as social networking sites, blogs, news sites, forums and more, you can increase your company’s exposure and therefore drive more traffic to your site, leading to improved sales.

Become an Authority

Last but not least, link building can be a great way to establish your company as an authority in the industry online. Since a lot of link building activity is done through content such as blog posts, forum posts and social media updates, this gives your company a great opportunity to show off when it comes to the amount of knowledge, expertise and skills that you and your employees have in the industry. By building links on both your own platforms and as a guest on others, you have an excellent method of using content to improve your reputation.

There are many different ways in which B2B companies can benefit from link building so don’t miss out.

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