E-Commerce in Nigeria

The Dawn of modern business in the African Continent

The surge in internet users and mobile internet in Nigeria, has led to the embracing of E-commerce in the country. The people of the country will now be able to pay, withdraw or transfer funds to and from anywhere in the country. This has been made possible with the recent introduction of net-banking in Nigeria. Online shopping has also made its mark in e-commerce of Nigeria.

The local population can purchase goods and services, using cards and through online payment gateways. There are handy of shopping malls in the country. However, they aren’t easily accessible to all the people and lay miles apart. Moreover, the shoppers struggle to wander between different stores and at times even different floors to purchase goods of their choice.

Yet, online shopping in Nigeria makes this as simple as the ‘push of a button’. Different purchases can be made, right from the customer’s own address, with the goods being delivered to his or her footsteps. The economic situation of Nigeria as compared to western countries, does not dither consumers anymore. They can purchase anything made under the sun, from anywhere across the world.

E-commerce in Nigeria is not only limited to purchasing online from big businesses. Small traders, artistes and professionals are also beginning to sell their wares over the internet. Online purchases and sales seem to be gradually booming in Nigeria. However, it must be pondered, if Nigeria is as suitable for E-commerce as the rest of the world?

A major drawback for this is the lack of access of the majority of the population to credit and debit cards. Online banking has still a long way to go in the nation, and not many people are aware of this facility. On the same line, the lack of awareness is a major concern that is hindering the growth of E-commerce in the nation. A portion of Nigerians, still prefer to travel abroad to make purchases, despite the costs involved.

The reasons may be the lack of security in online transactions, and slight-detachment of Nigeria from the global market. Not many shipping companies deliver goods to Nigeria. The dearth of postage services in the country is another hindrance. Nevertheless, online shopping continues to flourish steadily in Nigeria, owing to the interests of the people, as well as the demand for goods.

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