The Most Common Public Health Concerns that Need to Be Addressed

For decades there has been a great deal of interest in the fact that there always seems to be some sort of contaminant in the foods we buy, pet supplies and even in everyday products which you’d never suspect to be tainted in any way. You would think that with all the technology we currently have that these issues would quietly fade into the sunset, but there are still common public health concerns that need to be addressed on an ongoing basis. Those studying for their Masters in Public Health online at schools like the University of Arizona are well aware of the issues facing today’s consumer and are diligently working to learn all they can in an effort to promote better health, not only in the United States, but around the globe as well.

Public Health Concerns that Top the List

When you get your Master of Public Health you are well apprised of the many issues that these officials need to be expert in. According to the most recent report released by the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in Atlanta, Georgia, these concerns include:

  • Alcoholism
  • Infections associated with healthcare
  • Food safety
  • HIV
  • Heart and cardiovascular disease; stroke
  • Tobacco; smoking
  • Drug abuse; prescription drug overdose
  • Obesity and general fitness including exercise and nutrition
  • Injury related to motor vehicles
  • Teen pregnancy

Although not listed in any order of rank, these are the concerns that public health officials need to concern themselves with and are continually doing research on how best to address each and every issue in relation to how it affects public health as a whole. Public health officials aren’t concerned with isolated incidents but rather large-scale patterns that affect entire populations or segments within the whole. In other words, those with the potential to become pandemic like the flu.

A Focus on Prevention

No matter which field of specialization you study when pursuing a public health degree online, the focus is always prevention. How can we prevent teens from indulging in unprotected sex so as to curb the number of teen pregnancies? Is there a better way to inspect meat, dairy, poultry and vegetables to prevent spread of bacteria that can kill if left unchecked? With a Master of Public Health degree you not only learn to identify patterns within society but also how to quarantine infected individuals and groups. This seems to be the most common understanding of just what a public health official does, but they also look at issues that are keeping consumers from being as healthy as they should. These are all matters that need to be addressed and often it takes an advanced degree to have the knowledge and expertise to handle the tasks you have been given.

From looking at how to encourage healthier diets to offering ways to promote increased levels of exercise, especially in our nation’s youth, public health has a long reach and an even longer job in front of them. Are you looking to make a difference in society? A Master’s in Public Health will put you in a position to do just that.

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