Get More Clicks & Shares With Social Media Buttons

Social Media buttons are found on every single important website. The reason, people want to share important content. If you have a blog or you have a product, then it is very important that you have a presence on Social Media sites. So, to be present on Social Media Sites, you will have to make sure that sharing buttons are in vicinity of the user.

If the person/ prospect reading the content piece, or viewing the product and finds it intriguing, he/ she will share the same on social media platform.

This phenomenon of sharing on Social Media is becoming so famous that if a person does not find a social media sharing button on the website, he/ she will think that the website is not progressive enough.

There are two types of Social Media Buttons:

  1. Share Button
  2. Like/ Follow button
  1. Share Button:

In share button, your prospect can share your article, product on his/ her social media profile. This helps in improving the clicks on the website too. This only works, when your website has a good following and has a good presence. Best place for social media share button is under the content.

  1. Like/ Follow Button:

Like/ Follow buttons will take you to the concerned social media profile. Here you can ask them to like or follow the page. In YouTube, you will have to subscribe the concerned channels. This button is used when you have to make your website more famous and drive in more traffic. Best place to have Like/ Follow button is at Header and Footer of the website.

Social Media widgets are also an important part of promotion of website. These widgets are used on your website which will help you gain more likes/ followers/ subscribers. This again helps in solving the purpose of making your website more viral and drive in more traffic. Best place for Social Media widget is in the sidebar of the website.

There is an additional concept of “Embed” which can be found in every post on Social Media Websites. Like, in Instagram (web version), there will be three horizontal dots in each post. Click on that and there shall be an option of Embed. After clicking Embed, you will find a HTML code ready. Copy that code and paste it on your website or blog. After you paste the code, save the blog and reload it, you shall find the same post on your website now.

Additionally, there is another feature of Twitter, Live Feed of your twitter account on your website. You tweet and it will be updated on your website, basically a Real Time application. Same is the case with the Facebook page. Live Feed of Facebook page will be there on your website/ blog.


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