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Flexrobot 0


Flexrobot A robot optimized for high-speed point-to-point movements, designed to be flexible to the various production procedures involved in de-palletising/palletising and unpacking/packing. It has four electronic movement axis with integrated controller… More Details

Carton Packing Systems 0

Carton Packing Systems

Carton Packing Systems Automatic carton packer with 2 movimentation axles, conform to receive and organize in a suitable way the boxes coming from the filling section, pick them up according to a proper quantity...

Tray Formers 0

Tray Formers

Tray Formers Combi tray forming machines will form regular slotted trays in various configurations to accommodate the agriculture, food processing and distribution industries. Our tray forming machines easily integrate with Combi case packers… More...

Case Packers 0

Case Packers

Case Packers Combi offers custom case packing solutions for top-load, side-load, and drop packing configurations. Our pick and place packers are top loading, servo-driven packers for a variety of products that are precisely placed...

Tabletop Labeling Machines 0

Tabletop Labeling Machines

Tabletop Labeling Machines Pack Leader’s most portable offerings comprise the company’s ELF series tabletop labeling machines. This selection of table top labeling machines includes the ELF-20 and ELF-50 models-both exceptional machines that offer the...

Horizontal Wrap Around Labeling Machine 0

Horizontal Wrap Around Labeling Machine

Horizontal Wrap Around Labeling Machine Pack Leader has specifically designed the PL-521 horizontal wrap around labeling machine to accommodate horizontal labeling in slim, non-freestanding cylindrical containers, such as pens, test tubes, syringes and lipsticks…...

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Wrap Around Labeling Machine

Wrap Around Labeling Machine Pack Leader boasts a broad selection of quality, versatile labeling machines geared toward the specific labeling requirements of companies across the globe. Included in Pack Leader’s impressive product portfolio is...

Liquid and Paste Filling Machine 0

Liquid and Paste Filling Machine

Liquid and Paste Filling Machine Pastpack 2R, an automatic liquid and paste filling rotary machine with two rotary tables is designed for dose filling of liquid and paste products, containing soft, easily deformable additives...

Horizontal Packaging Machines 0

Horizontal Packaging Machines

Horizontal Packaging Machines Our horizontal packaging machines can cover a working speed range from 25 to 400 bpm, with the proper automatic feeding systems. The bags can be shaped in pillow, square bottom or...