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Vertical Packaging Machines 0

Vertical Packaging Machines

Vertical Packaging Machines Our vertical packaging machines are operating in various industries. Vertical packaging machine SCREAM is a mechanical feat able to reach up to 300 cycles per minute. Specifically designed to operate under...

Customized Packaging Machine 0

Customized Packaging Machine

Customized Packaging Machine This customized packaging machine is an interesting solution for those, who seek deluxe packaging – a square bottom bag wrapped with a cardboard strap, glued on top or attached with metal...

Vibro Seperators 0

Vibro Seperators

Vibro Seperators Vibro separator is suitable for Dry separation – by particle shapes, Solid and liquid separation- Dewatering of solid and classification. Vibro Seperators can handle a wide range of materials, heavy or light,...

Geared Motors 0

Geared Motors

Geared Motors Geared motors are designed to provide most efficient, economical and compact drive for low shakti -engineerseed applications. Shakti’s geared motors are a combination of an electric motor (A.C. or D.C.) and a...

Automated guided vehicles 0

Automated guided vehicles

Automated guided vehicles AGV automated guided vehicle for carrying materials and components along the assembly line; the INDEVA AGV is the ideal solution for material move in a production line; it features modular pipe...

Perforating machine 0

Perforating machine

Perforating machine Perforating machine makes perforated line on the flexible packaging films so that consumers can open easily the packages for powder products such as coffee, tea, dry milk, medicine and etc… More Details

Cone sleeve punching machine 0

Cone sleeve punching machine

Cone sleeve punching machine Cone sleeve punching machine produces automatically ice cream cone sleeve or waffle cone sleeve from printed or unprinted paper roll. Cone sleeve punching machine can punch not only paper but...

Lid & IML punching machine 0

Lid & IML punching machine

Lid & IML punching machine Lid & IML punching machine produces automatically various lids and IMLs from printed or unprinted flexible packaging materials. The lids and IMLs produced by these machines are used for...