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Low-level automatic palletiser 0

Low-level automatic palletiser

Low-level automatic palletiser Low-level automatic palletiser with the pallet in a stationery position for medium production needs. Ideal for cartons, crates, jerry cans and shrink packed products. The products on in-feed are distanced one...

Vega 120B: Sweep Depalletiser 0

Vega 120B: Sweep Depalletiser

Vega 120B: Sweep Depalletiser Compact depallatiser for the complete layers of product composed in product support walls, mechanical system for vertical movement of the pallet and pusher bar for evacuation of layer on the...

Case Sealers 0

Case Sealers

Case Sealers Combi manufactures quality packaging case sealing solutions for the widest range of applications. From standard RSC cases in every size, to cases with overlapping or sequentially folded flaps, to tuck-folded flaps, L-clips...

Hand Packing Stations 0

Hand Packing Stations

Hand Packing Stations We’ve created systems that seamlessly integrate a case erector, hand packing station, and case sealer into a compact, ergonomic and cost effective work cell. The Combi Ergopack® is unique to the...

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines 0

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines Pack Leader’s series of shrink sleeve labeling machine is designed for full body sleeve labeling applications, as well as neck, cap banding, and body sleeve applications…. More Details

Filling and Packaging Complex 0

Filling and Packaging Complex

Filling and Packaging Complex This filling and packaging complex is designed for secondary packaging of various different products, both liquid and loose, into cardboard boxes, also known as the American case, with tape sealing....

Bin Activator 0

Bin Activator

Bin Activator Bin Activator provides on demand, positive, trouble free continuous discharge from storage of wide range of difficult to handle materials in a variety of densities and particle sizes. Available in preassembled form,...

Gear Boxes 0

Gear Boxes

Gear Boxes Adopta Gear Boxes from Shakti are Helical Inline Gear Boxes, designed to mount flange type I.E.C. Standard Electric Motors. Also on offer are Worm Gear Boxes from 1 1/8″ Crs to 10...

Geared Motors 0

Geared Motors

Geared Motors Geared motors are designed to provide most efficient, economical and compact drive for low shakti -engineerseed applications. Shakti’s geared motors are a combination of an electric motor (A.C. or D.C.) and a...