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Pneumatic manipulator series PN 0

Pneumatic manipulator series PN

Pneumatic manipulator series PN Pneumatic manipulator PN series can be designed according to the ATEX regulations regarding applications in controlled environments with danger of explosion, classified classes 1 and 2 (Gas)… More Details

Line Logistic Systems 0

Line Logistic Systems

Line Logistic Systems Line logistics systems are the customized solutions offered by SMI for a quick and trouble-free transfer of empty PET containers of any shape and size from the blow-molder to the filler...

Stretch Blow Moulders SR Series 0

Stretch Blow Moulders SR Series

Stretch Blow Moulders SR Series Stretch-blow moulders’ SR series ensures high performances in the stretch blow-molding of PET, PEN and PP bottles, mainly used in the “food & beverage” sector. Thanks to high-tech components,...

Automatic Packaging Machines 0

Automatic Packaging Machines

Automatic Packaging Machines SMI designs and manufactures a wide range of fully automated machines for secondary packaging, marketed with Smiflexi brand: shrinkwrappers machines, trayformers, overlapping cardboard sleeve multipackers, wrap-around casepackers… More Details

Design of P.E.T Containers 0

Design of P.E.T Containers

Design of P.E.T Containers Designs of new concepts, ergonomics with eye-catching lines and functional solutions: a bottle by P.E.T. Engineering follows all these criteria. The final product combines style and performance, aesthetics and handiness…...

Vision MINI Smart Camera 0

Vision MINI Smart Camera

Vision MINI Smart Camera The Vision MINI smart camera is designed specifically for reliable vision performance in embedded identification and inspection applications. As the world’s smallest fully integrated vision system, the Vision MINI’s ultra-compact...