Ochre Media B2B services – The Key to Advancing your Business!


The meaning of B2B is Business to Business where both buyers and sellers act as business organizations in this scenario. As the name suggests, it caters specifically to the business world. The buyers and sellers can be manufacturers and retailers, retailers and wholesalers, or manufacturers and wholesalers.

It even has benefits which can change the outlook of the companies in the market.  Like some of them include:

Expansion in the Market:

Yes, B2B can help in brand awareness. It can help in increasing the customer base; expand business in the market nationally or internationally.  People around the globe can know about the brand more easily and effectively.


Increase in sales is what the company wants finally. B2B plays a very significant role in escalating the sales of a company.

Wider the marketplace, more the growth in revenue!

A perfect B2B organization is the one which provides all the services involved in the digital marketing to its clients. It could be SMM, Video marketing, Banner advertising, or gives enough coverage in its print magazines and e-newsletters.

And customers can find all these services in the Media Resource Centre – Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd.

Ochre Media Pvt. Ltd provides outstanding, extensive services to clients available in the state-of-the art digital marketing. They’ve 11 different industry-specific portals which connects both the buyers and suppliers on a common platform.

My Personal Experience:

By going anonymous, I would like to reveal that I came to know about this Digital Marketing Specialist through a competitor (secret sources).

With a heavy heart, I thought of giving it a try and viola, there has been taste of success within a span of 6 months. Today, I’ve got my micro website on Plantautomation- Technology, avail the SMM service and my company articles have got published in the e-newsletter.

Having experienced as a client of this company, I can assure you that a company is in safe pair of hands and you can choose this company without any second thought.

Delivering services in-time with quality is what makes Ochre Media exceptional from other B2B organizations. Perfect organization for B2B services!

Indeed, a responsible B2B organization with responsible personnel!


The meaning of B2C is Business to Consumer where as the name suggests, it caters specifically to the common man. It usually has no special qualities which can make it exceptional comparing to the B2B.

Some of the B2C benefits include:

Reaching Your Audience:

Reaching the audience is not a herculean task. They can be reached through common mass media forms like magazines, newspapers and now today in the Internet era we’ve the social media.


In the B2C, majorly it is shooting a fish in the barrel. In terms of expansion of business, sky is the limit over here.

The 4P’s of marketing are very much related in this kind. Comparing it to the B2B, it cannot enjoy the benefits of the digital marketing.

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