The Role of Promotion in Business-To-Business Markets | Business Promotions

The Role of Promotion in Business-To-Business Markets | Business Promotions

Business-to-Business Marketing means buying and selling of goods and services among different business houses. Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and so on will carry out this type of marketing. B2B marketing through internet and e-mails is gaining huge popularity. The major aim of the business promotions is to get your company and its product and services in front of your target market or ideal customer. An effective promotional B2B marketing will lead customers to your website or business and helps to entice them to purchase what you have to offer.

One of the biggest challenges faced by advertising and marketing professionals is how to market their product or service in a creative way and they should manage to capture, hold customer’s attention. To achieve this, people spend huge amount of money on business to business promotions and B2B advertising. But, it needs proper strategy to achieve success and B2B marketers should know the hierarchical decision making model of business promotions.

The AIDA Hierarchical Decision Making Model: Business Promotions

Let us discuss the process of B2B marketing promotions work. For this, B2B marketing people must know about the AIDA model that helps to make effective decisions to enhance the business productivity or visibility. This model consists of four levels that assist to measure and explore for improving effectiveness of business promotions.

AIDA is an enduring process for preparing everything from sales letters to advertisements. Winning in marketing requires the capability to apply innovative concepts that connects the best of the past with a vision for the future.

The AIDA Hierarchical Decision Making Model

Figure 1: The AIDA Hierarchical Decision Making Model


For every product or service, creating awareness among the people plays a significant role. If you bring out proper awareness about your services/product in the market, you can achieve 80% of the success.


Once you have created awareness about your product, the next step is to make customers interested on your product/services. Interest goes hand in hand with action. You may enjoy a flawless evolution from interest to action.


In the Desire stage, your main objective is to show the customers how your product or service helps them. Explicate the features of the product or service and their related benefits to fulfill their need. If advertising is done properly, customers will have the desire to make a purchase.


The final step is to persuade the customers to take immediate action. You can make them to take an action by introducing bonus or special gift within a specific time. Without a specific call to action, customers may simply forget about your offer.

DMU (Decision Making Unit) is very crucial in B2B marketing…..continued

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