How to Promote Android Apps

Perhaps you’re familiar with the situation on Google Play today and the overall state of the mobile app development and gaming. Dozens of new apps are getting released every week and most of them are backed by some sort of promotion, which outshines most of the low-profile apps and turns them into obscure apps with few to no downloads, and overall there is more than one million of apps released on Android, which is one of the most surprising numbers of apps for mobile devices and any devices in general, and it makes the life tough for both newcomers to the app development and veteran mobile developers. This leads us to a problem – how is it possible to promote an app on Google Play without a huge budget? However, the situation is far from hopeless, and you can improve your chances of getting noticed on the market, and we are going to assist you by providing some tips on Android app promotion.

Don’t Waste Your Time

In order to promote an Android app, the efficient marketing strategy must be devised to promote your app. Post on all forums and social network groups or pages which are related to your app’s functionality or your game’s genre or topic. It’s a great way to attract some users quickly. There are various blogs and YouTube channels dedicated to new releases or upcoming apps on Android and other mobile platforms. Even though they may ask for a fee to post news about your application or game, it’s a great opportunity to gain additional publicity. Also, the reviewers are most likely experienced with all kinds of apps so they’ll be willing to share some feedback on your app and its performance or quality. Positive user reviews drive the sales and installs a lot faster, and you can’t underestimate the power of positive reviews. Most users pay attention to what other users have to say, so apart from good marketing, you need to find enthusiastic users who would be willing to check your app, rate it and review it. Also, by responding to negative criticism you can convert some of the negativity into positive reviews, which will most likely affect your position on the app list.

Don’t waste your time on inefficient marketing, such as messaging the users directly and trying to get them to talk to you about your app. Chances are, you’ll be put onto the blacklist faster than you can expect – users are mostly annoyed by that kind of marketing.

Make Sure Your App is Known

Paid promotional services, such as Facebook ads, Twitter ads and ads on other social network sites can attract thousands of new users if you manage to pull it off. They’ll cost you a little bit, but they should be affordable and efficient enough to justify the costs. Also, usage of keywords in the app description and title will greatly increase your chances of ranking higher than your competitors. The only problem is – your competitors are most likely using the same tactics, so make sure that you’re researching and using the keywords in the most efficient way. It’s a good idea to use the services of professional marketers to ensure the best results from this approach and avoid wasting your time later on rewriting and renaming your application. Also, you can ask your friends to download your app or game and give you some feedback to give you a basic idea of ways to improve it. This includes bug reports and suggestions of new features, and also information about how intuitive the interface is and more. Ask them to share their impressions and a link to your app with their friends and possibly ask them to share it too. It won’t lead to thousands of downloads on day one, but it will most likely give you a small audience, which is already a start, and potentially lead you to more customers in a matter of time, which is better than nothing, right?

Make a Great App

There are many examples of apps that failed because they weren’t good or were released in a buggy and unfinished state. Even if you have a popular brand, even if your app has good marketing, even if you’re going out of your way to make sure people are hyped and know about the app, your chances of success are jeopardized the moment you release a bad app on the market. However, the app won’t promote itself, and the days when quality spoke for itself are gone. The success on the market relies on both quality of your app or game and the promotional campaign – and by covering one half of the task, you can focus on the rest without additional distractions. However, no app is perfect, and consider fixing any of the annoying bugs or glitches as soon as possible to avoid poor reviews. Make sure to respond to bug reports in as many reviews as possible to see if they are willing to change their ratings and reviews to show the app in a more positive light. This will greatly improve your chances of gaining the success.

It’s also a very good idea to localize your app – the number of downloads can be multiplied by seven on eight this way, which is a great way to expand your audience and gain loyal customers. There are thousands of freelance translators today, and though their services aren’t free, it’s a great idea to use them, and the money invested into a good translation will most likely pay off more times than you can imagine.

Use Independent Marketing Services

It’s recommended to use professional marketing services. One of such services today is Applead, and it’s recommended to partner with this independent marketing team because of high quality of their services and affordable prices. Remember that without proper optimization and marketing you will have a hard time getting your Android app the attention it deserves. The success of an Android app relies on two key factors – the quality of the app and a proper marketing strategy. It’s important to start working with the marketing team as soon as possible, since there are chances that certain changes have to be made to the design of the app and various assets to make it more appealing to the target audience. By partnering with Applead now you can optimize your app to make sure that the target audience finds it appealing and is willing to install it right away when they see it and earn money by adding various ways to monetize your app – such as contextual ads and other means of monetization. It’s essential to your company and your future as an app developer or publisher – without profit from your hard work it’s impossible to stay afloat on the market. Remember – all of the most successful mobile developers are using these tools and approaches, and it’s a good idea to use the same tools to try to reach the same results.

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