Fit And Fat – Can it Be Both? What Is Keeping You Fat?

We all might have encountered in that aerobics class, where the instructor walks in and she is twice in size of everyone else in the class. Staring at her may not be very much motivating, but you have to admire the fact that she is fit and healthy, or is she? Just because you make the commitment to exercise regularly, that does not mean you are fit. Having additional pounds is not only negating your fitness level, it may adversely affect your health.

The definition of fit according to Merriam-Webster is to be sound, both physically and mentally. If you are carrying around additional weight, then you are misleading yourself of being “fit”. Being overweight is as harmful as being sedentary, which might be working against you. The things that may keep you fat are not always obvious. If you want to be fit and look fabulous, stop making excuses and start changing yourself from inside out. Leaving bad habits that keeps you fat.

 I deserve to eat more attitude

Many people be in wrong assumption that they somehow deserve to eat more because they worked out or exercised. The problem lies within the way of thinking, while you might be doing more harm with the diet than failing to do exercise. Fitness is very important for everyone’s health, but more than your diet. If you are rationalizing that extra piece of cake, you are upping your risk of health consequences. You can’t rationalize poor eating behaviors because you feel like you somehow earned them. If you want your workout to count, then stop telling yourself it is okay to screw it all up by eating foods that are keeping you fat.

Cutting off too many calories

When people want to be fit and up their exercise routine, often they may be working against their own metabolism. If you don’t compensate for the amount of calories that you are expending you may actually be eating too little. It sounds counterintuitive, but if you have increased the calories you burned and not upped your intake to accommodate, your body may be slowing down your metabolism to compensate. Eating too little can lead to the body “hoarding” calories because it is wrongly assuming you are starving and in need of additional calories.People sometimes hire in LA a home personal trainer to help them with their diet as well as their workout.

Your body will self regulate your metabolism due to evolutionary mechanisms in place. When the body is fearful of starvation ahead, it cuts back on the rate of energy that your body burns. That will make you gain weight even if you are working out more. The way to overcome it to increase your intake slightly with protein and fiber. Also, make sure to incorporate weight lifting into your daily exercise.Building up your lean muscle mass will make your body burn calories more efficiently and will prevent you from gaining those additional pounds.

You do the same thing every time


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If you are doing the same exercises daily, it may work against yourself. If you hit the gym and always walk on the treadmill, the body will tend to adjust accordingly. Personal trainers in Vancouver would provide you with some variety that might not get by going to the gym on your own. Becoming accustomed to the calories burned in the same way, it stops being exercise and can lead to both a plateau in your weight loss or even weight gain. If you want to go from fat to fit and fabulous, make sure to alter exercises regime daily. It’s always advisable to work on different muscles groups and never do the same things to days in a row. The more differential exercise you can engage in, the scope of burning calories is high and efficient, which will not only help to lose those additional pounds, it will help to maintain appropriate weight as well.

Eating the wrong foods or overtraining

If you are someone, who works out intensely and feeds the body with pretzels and fat free snacks, then you are more likely to gain weight. All you need is protein food to rebuild muscle. During any workout your body needs time to recoup and to repair muscle tissue. If you aren’t giving yourself any down time to allow your body to repair, then you are not getting enough protein, which is vital for muscle growth and repair, then you are likely going to gain weight or hit a weight loss plateau. Always give muscle groups that you workout a minimum of 48 hours to recoup. That doesn’t mean you can’t work out two days in a row; it just means that you have to use different muscles. That is a good idea anyway to keep your exercise varied.

If you are relently exercising and not able to lose weight, there are specific reasons to re-evaluate your diet and exercise to make sure how to go from fat to fit and fabulous.

Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts is the marketing manager of five years for the Winnipeg Assinboine Credit Union. Roberts is also the acting editor for the content that is published online, to help customers and future clients have a better understanding of the industry.

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