DIY Steel Fire Pit

Want to build your own fire pit in your backyard or garage? Learn how! Building your own fire pit is easy, you just need to know the right instructions to create the perfect fire pit for your home. You just need a few supplies such as paint, gravel, shovel, and some steel bars in the Philippines. Just follow these step by step procedures to build your own fire pit to do fun things such as a perfect s’mores night.

Things you need:
•    Circular metallic steel
•    Concrete landscaping stones
•    Gravel
•    Spray paint
•    Shovel, hammer, chisel
•    Masonry adhesive

1.    Set up everything
As you have decided to install a fire pit in your home, you have to set up everything first. Make sure that there is proper consent with the people in your neighborhood and in the house before deciding to set up one. Check legal laws also just in case creating fire pits aren’t allowed in your area. After settling this, get all the help you can get as you build your own fire pit. Get all the required materials listed above, you can buy them in home depot stores, with just the right amount which will just meet your desired fire pit size. Prepare building the pit but remove everything that may be an hindrance to your pit because of the fire, such as trees, branches, fences, or have at least 10 feet distance from the things around your backyard.

2.    Make an outline
After setting up everything set an outline where you want to place your fire pit by putting the steel ring on the ground and then place the concrete stones around the ring as your outline. Use the spray paint to indicate where the outside of the stones would hit. Dry-lay a ring of blocks on the fire pit spot, placing them end to end until you have an impeccable circle positioned where you want the completed pit to be. To alter the size of the circle, you may need to cut a block. Hold the block over the gap it will fill, and then mark it underneath at the correct width.
A 3-inch cold chisel and a brick hammer should do the trick. Mark the block on the spot, and carry on the score all the way round the block. Put the block on a solid surface, hold the chisel in the score line, then hit it with the brick hammer until the block splits. Clean up pointed edges with the tail of the brick hammer and then place the cut block into the ring.

3.    Start digging
The shovel will help you dig out your circle of about 5-6 inches deep. Doing this is required so you can place the bonfires here.

4.    Fill in
After digging, pour out the gravel in the hole until it is level with the ground. The first block should be placed in the ring, use a 2 foot-level to see that it’s leveled from side to side and front to back ensuring that it should be perfectly leveled and positioned well in the trench. Place the other block to the next one and it should be together tightly and lined up on the front and back edges, repeat to the second block.

Put the rest of the blocks in the trench in this way until the ring is complete and all the blocks you tallied earlier are used. Each block should be perfectly leveled and lined up tight with its neighbor before moving on to the next one.

5.    Ta-da!
The first ring of stones has to be around the edge of the gravel circle and then use a rubber mallet to make the stones flat and even with together. Place the masonry adhesive on the bottom of each stone and lurch the settlement of the second row. Use the rubber mallet to straighten and tighten the stone placement. Reiterate the process with the third row.

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