Want To Make Your Own App? Here’s How in 5 Simple Steps

We live in a world where apps have become a major part of our lives. With smart phones in our hands all day, most of our day-to-day activities are now supported by apps -from shopping to managing finances. Every entrepreneur nowadays should learn the ropes of app development.You can either hire a developer or invest time and capital in yourself.The latter will ultimately be more beneficial in the long run as it will give you a skill that you can always monetize.

There are lots of app building software’s out there that can help your dream become a reality and the process is fairly simple.

Here are 5 simple steps you should follow when you decide to make your own app;

1.   Use Online App Builders

The easiest option when it comes to wanting to create your own app would be to access a high-quality online app builder that can guarantee good results and makes the process a whole lot quicker for you. Among the many online app builders, Yappi is known to be very straightforward and user-friendly –even the slogan says, ‘Easy as pie’.You can easily use this free app builder to create your own app.

They have a team of proficient developers who will contact you to hear your ideas out. Then they will take your briefing and work towards building you an exceptional app while keeping you involved in the process. Once the app is complete, they will make sure that its up and running before they follow up with you in regard to the feedback.

2.   Set a Goal

Putting all your ideas on paper makes the process easier. Don’t think about the coding and designing at this point. Focus on answering the important questions such as what exactly you want your app to do, what problems will it solve for your users and how will you inform people about your app. It’s important to have an end goal in mind and define it prior to starting the task as it will make the process easier.

3.   Sketch Those Ideas on Paper

After you have set your goals and answered the important questions, you need to then develop those ideas into a sketch and see what they would look like in real life. Get those ideas into visual representations to have a clear idea of how users will navigate your app and how you will generate revenues through the app. Most importantly, think about how the app will resonate with your brand.

4.   Do Your Homework

When building an app, it is important to research your competition. The last thing you would want is an app that is similar to your competitors or worse, similar to an app that has already failed. The right way to go about it is by learning from the competition and making an app that is better, and one that will solve user’s problems. Don’t disregard the reviews as they can give you an indication of what users liked and disliked, and use that information to your advantage to further improve the app.

5.   Come Up With a Storyboard

In the technology world, developers work on wireframes rather than storyboards.Once you have made the sketch and have a design, it is a good idea to have a storyboard in order to get more clarity about the app. A lot of options are available online that can bring your sketches to life. Remember to use one that not only meets your needs but also makes the process simple and easy.



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