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electrically conductive vulkollan wheels 0

Electrically Conductive VULKOLLAN® Wheels

Electrically conductive VULKOLLAN®-wheels Patented electrically conductive VULKOLLAN®-ELF wheels and castors (volume resistance value below 10.000 ohms) for plants with a high risk of fire and explosion… More Details

vulkollan quartz wheels 0

VULKOLLAN Quartz Wheels

VULKOLLAN Quartz Wheels VULKOLLAN® quartz with significantly better traction on extremely humid, slippery and greasy floors and where there is a danger of icing… More Details

Polyurethane Production 0

Polyurethane Production

Polyurethane Production All wheels have one thing in common – they are round. However, every area of application has specific requirements in terms of size, materials, and load capacity. We have been developing wheels...

Quenched and Tempered steels 0

Quenched & Tempered Steels

Quenched and Tempered steels Quard is martensitic abrasion resistant steel combining an outstanding workshop performance (good cold formability and excellent weldability) with a long lasting wear resistance. It is recommended for mining… More Details

Offshore 0

Offshore Steel

Offshore Steel NLMK Europe – Plate fulfills the needs in steel in different offshore applications. It delivers steel conform to the API & EN 10225 up to G10 group 3. It provides weldability results...

Line Pipe Steels 0

Line Pipe Steels

Line Pipe Steels NLMK Europe – Plate offers premium plates thermomechanically rolled plates in a thickness range from 6,35 up to 50,00 mm with stringent mechanical properties. Thanks to its extended research… More Details

Pressure vessel 0

Pressure vessel

Pressure vessel We propose carbon and alloy steels enabling manufacturers to produce large high-pressure vessels. Our range varies from medium plates of small thickness, produced by NLMK Clabecq or NLMK DanSteel… More Details

Aluminum alloys, Aluminum extrusions 0

Aluminum alloys, Aluminum extrusions

Aluminum alloys, Aluminum extrusions Our product range includes Aluminum commercial, aluminum alloys, aluminum extrusions, rolled products. The company also specializes in the making of flats, rods, squares, strips, sheets, plates, reflector sheets, caul board...

Hardware Materials 0

Hardware Materials

Hardware Materials Hardware Materials refer to the physical components of computers, telecommunications, and other information technology devices. There is an increasing demand for hardware materials as there is an increasing growth in information… Find...

Copper Products 0

Copper Products

Copper Products Copper products are made with copper. Copper is used in manufacturing copper products such as rod, strip, sheet, square, wires, tubes, pipes fittings, connectors etc. Capital Metal Industries is known for its...