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Retractable Seating - PMS Prestige 0

Retractable Seating – PMS Prestige

Retractable Seating – PMS Prestige Retractable seating from the manufacturer ‘Prestige Multi System Sdn Bhd’ is popular for its durability and comfort. PMS provides the best retractable seating options… Find out more/Send Enquiry

Stadium Seating - PMS Prestige 0

Stadium Seating – PMS Prestige

Stadium Seating – PMS Prestige Prestige Multi System Sdn Bhd (PMS) offers top-notch stadium seating solutions with an aim to provide comfort to each and every spectator in the stadium. PMS stadium seating is...

Auditorium and Arena Seating 0

Auditorium and Arena Seating

Auditorium and Arena Seating A range of 10 distinct chair styles, each with their own customizable features ensure they suit and enhance the design and atmosphere of your venue as well as the meeting...

Retractable Seating – TX Platform 0

Retractable Seating – TX Platform

Retractable Seating – TX Platform Retractable seating systems, sometimes referred to as telescopic seating, tribunes or bleachers, are tiers of seating that fold away into a space the depth of a single row. Perfect...

Ingolstadt Solid Type Seating 0

Ingolstadt Solid Type Seating

Ingolstadt Solid Type Seating Ingolstadt Solid is the ideal combination of wave breaker and optional seat. It has the GS mark (LGA Nuremberg) and a solid and vandal-proof construction. The particularly developed safety lock...

Bamberg and Krefeld Seatings 0

Bamberg and Krefeld Seatings

Bamberg and Krefeld Seatings Bamberg and Krefeld are the perfect combination of ergonomically designed perforated steel, durable construction and patented folding mechanism using its own weight. Bamberg and Krefeld seating has a maintenance-free pivot...

Arena & Arena D Seating 0

Arena & Arena D Seating

Arena & Arena D Seating Arena & Arena D are adapted to the shape of the body and offer perfect seat comfort. Of course both models comply with FIFA regulations and can be installed...

Hamburg Sports Seating 0

Hamburg Sports Seating

Hamburg Sports Seating Extra slender – Thanks to its smaller width and the onearmrest- solution this seat enables the planner to install more seats in one row. The upholstery and the seating comfort are...

Berlin Stadium Seats 0

Berlin Stadium Seats

Berlin Stadium Seats A real classic. After its first use in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin for the World Cup 2006, “Berlin” spread all over the world. Today you can find it in stadia...

Brasil Seating 0

Brasil Seating

Brasil Seating Brasil was developed together with Martin Ballendat. Therefore it offers exceptional design and extraordinary manufacturing. Brasil is a superlative tip-up seat: light, solid and very comfortable… Find out more/Send Enquiry