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Outdoor Modular Staging 0

Outdoor Modular Staging

Outdoor Modular Staging Trenomat stages are some of the most robust on the market. There are several varieties of their durable, modular systems, offering complete flexibility. Stages can be built up from standard 2m...

Hamburg Sports Seating 0

Hamburg Sports Seating

Hamburg Sports Seating Extra slender – Thanks to its smaller width and the onearmrest- solution this seat enables the planner to install more seats in one row. The upholstery and the seating comfort are...

Brasil Seating 0

Brasil Seating

Brasil Seating Brasil was developed together with Martin Ballendat. Therefore it offers exceptional design and extraordinary manufacturing. Brasil is a superlative tip-up seat: light, solid and very comfortable… Find out more/Send Enquiry

Climate Seats 0

Climate Seats

Climate Seats In winter the heating system ensures comfortably warm temperatures with a heated seat and a heated backrest. Thanks to the brand new invention – which can reduce the temperature even in tropical...

Champion Deluxe Seating 0

Champion Deluxe Seating

Champion Deluxe Seating A VIP-seat of its own class. This chair with a slender silhouette and headrest offers first-class seating comfort. Embroidered club or sponsor logos make it an unmistakable, unique seat. Options like...

Copacabana Type Seating Chair 0

Copacabana Type Seating Chair

Copacabana Type Seating Chair Copacabana is a soft and comfortable seat made of high level moulding technology which absorbs mechanical forces in use. Copacabana was created together with the famous international designer Marting Ballendat…...

RockNet - The Performance Audio Network 0

RockNet – The Performance Audio Network

RockNet – The Performance Audio Network RockNet is a real-time, low latency audio distribution network tailored to tour and installed sound applications. RockNet provides a universal solution to almost any imaginable audio distribution challenge...

Performer – The Digital Partyline Experience 0

Performer – The Digital Partyline Experience

Performer – The Digital Partyline Experience The Performer Series provides the world’s first digital party line intercom system, providing 2 and 4-channel master stations, rack-mount, wall-mount and desktop speaker stations as well as call...

Versatile Temporary Stairs System 0

Versatile Temporary Stairs System

Versatile Temporary Stairs System The Pakar Stairs system is in conformity with the latest regulation for public areas. The Pakar Stairs Solution relies on a Ring-Lock scaffolding system and can be adapted to other...

Flat seats 0

Flat seats

Flat seats Injection moulded Polypropylene (PP) Flat seat with smooth and glossy finish. Polypropylene thickness5mm. Dimensions : 415mm width, 340mm depth, 75mm height… Find out more/Send Enquiry