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Opto - Mechanical Assemblies 0

Opto – Mechanical Assemblies

Opto – Mechanical Assemblies WZWOPTICAG provides opto-mechanical engineering and system prototyping services. WZWOPTICAG works with your engineering team to design and build first article prototype systems. WZWOPTICAG offers a high level of specialized… More...

Optical Assemblies 0

Optical Assemblies

Optical Assemblies Specializing in ‘build to print’ manufacturing, from start to finish, WZWOPTICAG has the unique capability of offering customers an integrated ‘one-stop’ source for all their optical requirements… More Details

Submarine Loudspeakers 0

Submarine Loudspeakers

Submarine Loudspeakers Vitavox Submarine Loudspeakers are constructed from Nickel Aluminium Bronze NES 747 Pf2 and are deployed on many of the World’s strategic and tactical submarines. They are individually tested to 69Bar… More Details

Outacom Communication System 0

Outacom Communication System

Outacom Communication System The Outacom patented Communication System is an extremely rugged, powerful, military proven, loudspeaker and multiple speech input system. It integrates with all standard internal communication systems… More Details

VITAVIC 400: Software Defined Tactical Intercom 0

VITAVIC 400: Software Defined Tactical Intercom

VITAVIC 400: Software Defined Tactical Intercom VITAVIC 400 is software defined technical solution for tactical communications both inside and outside all military, paramilitary and light strike armoured vehicles and platforms. It is also the...

Overhead Retrievable Target 0

Overhead Retrievable Target

Overhead Retrievable Target The electrically powered Drive Unit is an energy efficient system to move the cable-pulled trolley at variable speeds and directions on any rail system of variable length. The controller allows for...

Box Target System 0

Box Target System

Box Target System This Box Target systems can be used for the scoring of hits for all kind of small arms, including pistols and sub-machine guns with subsonic ammunition. As a closed system, it...