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ZIL 2140 Ink-Lox proofer 0

ZIL 2140 Ink-Lox proofer

ZIL 2140 Ink-Lox proofer Laboratory test apparatus with different engraved and rubber rollers for the application of defined layers of flexographic inks and other liquid coating materials on level substrates… Find out more/Send Enquiry

ZPV 2030 Precision-vacuumplates 0

ZPV 2030 Precision-vacuumplates

ZPV 2030 Precision-vacuumplates Precision-vacuumplates for fixing of a large number of substrates. For use in laboratories and in the field, totally plain. For mounting of paper with film applicators and for silk-screen printing… Find...

ZOL 1150 Online-Glossmeter 0

ZOL 1150 Online-Glossmeter

ZOL 1150 Online-Glossmeter Tailored gloss-measuring system for industrial areas for contactless online measurement of all gloss ranges from matt to high gloss up to 2‘000 GU.Progressive with the latest digital communication and different analog...

ZGM 1120 Glossmeter 0

ZGM 1120 Glossmeter

ZGM 1120 Glossmeter The ZGM 1120 Gloss meters opens the gateway to a more efficient and productive quality control: the first gloss measuring sensor transmitting the measuring data directly to the PC/Laptop via USB-interface…....

Double Layer-Fabric 0

Double Layer-Fabric

Double Layer-Fabric Wires & Fabriks (S.A) Ltd. (W&F), established in 1963, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Paper Machine Clothing in India. It is headquartered at Jaipur, 250 Kms from New Delhi and...

Single Layer-Fabric 0

Single Layer-Fabric

Single Layer-Fabric Wires and fabriks sells high quality forming fabrics which include double layer forming fabrics, single layer spinflex… Find out more/Send Enquiry

From Caustic-Feltex-Ld 0

From Caustic-Feltex-Ld

From Caustic-Feltex-Ld From Caustic-Feltex-Ld is powerful detergent especially developed to suit the needs of paper industry. It cleans all types of felts – synthetic (100%) and blends (synthetic & woof). From Caustic-Feltex-Ld is cold...

Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333 0

Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333

Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333 Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333 is a specialty chemical for paper Industry. It gives better sheet formation by dispersion of fibers. It is very useful for M. G. machine and it reduces dusting and fluff...