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ZIL 2140 Ink-Lox proofer 0

ZIL 2140 Ink-Lox proofer

ZIL 2140 Ink-Lox proofer Laboratory test apparatus with different engraved and rubber rollers for the application of defined layers of flexographic inks and other liquid coating materials on level substrates… Find out more/Send Enquiry

ZGM 1120 Glossmeter 0

ZGM 1120 Glossmeter

ZGM 1120 Glossmeter The ZGM 1120 Gloss meters opens the gateway to a more efficient and productive quality control: the first gloss measuring sensor transmitting the measuring data directly to the PC/Laptop via USB-interface…....

Spiral Screen 0

Spiral Screen

Spiral Screen Name: Spiral Screen Code: Titan Width: Upto 5 M Yarn: Hydrolysis Resistant Polyester Monofilament Find out more/Send Enquiry

Uno-Tier Woven Dryer Screens 0

Uno-Tier Woven Dryer Screens

Uno-Tier Woven Dryer Screens The company has recently launched Uno-Tier Dryer Screen, which is a unique two-tier flat warp weave pattern screen with controlled permeability, recommended for Unirun positions and high speed machines… Find...

Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333 0

Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333

Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333 Specialty Chemical-Vershine-Dra-333 is a specialty chemical for paper Industry. It gives better sheet formation by dispersion of fibers. It is very useful for M. G. machine and it reduces dusting and fluff...

Deinking Solvent Base Agent-Verpap-Di 0

Deinking Solvent Base Agent-Verpap-Di

Deinking Solvent Base Agent-Verpap-Di Deinking Solvent Base Agent-Verpap-Di is a very powerful deinking agent. It helps in removing various inks, (black/coloured) from cellulose fiber without damaging its chain structure. Due to its excellent emulsification...

Refiner Control Panels 0

Refiner Control Panels

Refiner Control Panels The refiner control panel, RCP series, allows the monitoring of the pressure of stock before (INLET) and after (OUTLET) the refining process in paper industry. The visualization of refiner control panel...

On-line Gloss Meters 0

On-line Gloss Meters

On-line Gloss Meters -line gloss meter is an essential operation in the paper milling industry. On-line gloss meter is the checking and recording of the finished sheet gloss level. Industrial on-line gloss meter monitoring...

Consistency Transmitters 0

Consistency Transmitters

Consistency Transmitters Consistency transmitters measure the shear force caused by the interaction between blade sensor and fibres/fillers. A consistency transmitter contained into the pulp (consistency transmitters using a static or moving blade are all...

Coating Stations with Die Support and Coating Roll 0

Coating Stations with Die Support and Coating Roll

Coating Stations with Die Support and Coating Roll A coating station is the foundation for the application process in that it provides the mechanical support and positioning functions as well as auxiliary systems required...