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Laser Scribing/Scoring 0

Laser Scribing/Scoring

Laser Scribing/Scoring MLT offers systems enabling selective weakening of mono- and multilayer film during the converting process (offline) and on packaging machines (online). For example, Easy Opening features are created by processing materials in...

Micro & Macro Laser Perforation 0

Micro & Macro Laser Perforation

Micro & Macro Laser Perforation Depending on material specification & perforation pattern, either optical multiplexing or scanner technology is used for these applications. Micro perforated films are essential for modified atmosphere packaging… More Details

Composite Can Machinery 0

Composite Can Machinery

Composite Can Machinery Composite Cans are produced by the Composite Can Making Plant.Composite Cans are used for packaging detergents, liquor bottles, automobile components, engineering goods, laminated cans for packaging wafers, fruit drink, etc…. Find...

Edge Protector Making Machinery 0

Edge Protector Making Machinery

Edge Protector Making Machinery Paper edge protectors are used to protect sides of products in packaging. Our edge protectors making machinery offer convenient option of cost-effective production of edge protectors, OD & ID of...