Author: Jacob Higgins


Saturday Fun Activity

The Management of Ochre Media hosted a set of fun activities for its employees on Saturday, 13th of Feb 2016. It all started off at 10AM with employees from all the departments gathered in...

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Bringing Simulation to Everyone: COMSOL Releases the Latest Version of Software for Creating Simulation Apps

The release of COMSOL Multiphysics® 5.2, with the latest version of the Application Builder and COMSOL Server™ products, fosters collaboration within organizations by providing simulation specialists the tools to share their simulation work, from...

Mammography Unit Siemens Novation DR 0

Mammography Unit Siemens Novation DR

Mammography Unit Siemens Novation DR Like regular mammography, digital mammography produces pictures of the breast using X-rays. Instead of film, this process uses detectors that change the X-rays into electrical signals, which are then...

Ultrasound Probe GE i12L 0

Ultrasound Probe GE i12L

Ultrasound Probe GE i12L The GE i12L is an intraoperative ultrasound transducer probe. The GE i12L is used for pediatric, small parts and vascular applications and exams. This transducer is a specialty probe that...

MRI Scanner Siemens Avanto 0

MRI Scanner Siemens Avanto

MRI Scanner Siemens Avanto MAGNETOM Avanto provides ease of use, revolutionary image acquisition and clinical benefits, YOM:2005, Coils: Spine Matrix col, Body Matrix, Head Matrix, Neck Matrix, Shoulder coil 4 ch… More Details