3 android apps that will make you a pro gamer

A few years ago,becoming a pro gamer on your smartphone was unheard of. However, the world of gaming has gone mobile, with the advent of smartphones. Nowadays, you can improve your reaction time, dexterity and problem solving skills via a number of Android apps.Although consoles and PCs are still dominant on the gaming scene, Android smartphones have all the ease of an ‘all-in-one’ device.

Take a picture, scroll through your social media accounts and play your favorite games, all on your Android phone or tablet. These compact, fast and versatile devices lack in no way, from traditional gaming tools.

However, to become a pro-gamer, you need to have more than the usual add-ons, to set yourself apart from amateurs. These apps not only magnify your capabilities, they also open doors to new tricks, making you unbeatable in the battlefield.

Google Play is flooded with options that promise a superior gaming experience. So how do you pick the best from the lot? The essence of a well-designed app is a distinct purpose that it fulfills better than its competitors, a user-friendly interface and a holistic set of features that provide a superior user-experience.

Here are 3 game-changing applications that will amplify your gaming abilities and makethe best of your Android device:

  1. Brain Trainer (Luminosity.com):

Our pick as the most effective brain boosting app in the market is, Brain Trainer by Luminosity. Essentially an app version of the Luminosity website, Brain Trainer helps you hone skills that are necessary to excel at any game.

What they do is, present unique and challenging tests everyday that are aimed at boosting your mental muscle and thus improve your concentration, memory and responsiveness. This becomes invaluable for gaming enthusiasts, as nearly all competitive games requiredexterity. Therefore, the sharper your mind, the better you are at gaming.

All video games have some sort of cognitive benefit. A study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, participants who were presented with a placeboof brain training showed improved performance.Research shows that brain training applications significantly enhance in-game performance of gaming enthusiasts.

How it works:

Brain Trainer conjures up a small test, everyday, for you to take at your convenience. These tests vary from one another, such that one day you might be solving math problems and memorizing shapes on the next. Completed tests are stored by the app, so you can analyze whether your performance has improved with time. It also guides you, with respect to areas which could use more work.

Brain Trainer has an edge over other apps, since it is much more than a source of interesting brain teasers. It boasts high levels of depth and accuracy as it uses neuroscience to devise innovative and exciting challenges. The brains behind Luminosity have worked with over 40 researchers from around the globe to improve the app.It constantly challenges its users via adaptive difficulty, moreover, it also instills a sense of accomplishment in users via a very encouraging brain performance index.

  1. GLTools:

For pro gamers, an essential requirement is control over the graphics settings of their devices. Though this can be a little tricky when it comes to Android devices, if you dig deep and root your device, you’ll find that alot is possible. To attain the same level of control over your Android’s graphics as a PC, GLTools is definitely the app for you. However, we do not recommend rooting your device unless you are an expert.

How it works:

GLTools unleashes a plethora of settings that would not be available otherwise. These go a long way in improving your gaming experience as well as your in-game performance. The app is available from Play Store, however, you’ll need root access in order to improve the graphics of the apps that are already installed on your phone. GLTools will show you the apps that you have installed on your device and will let you change their default settings. You can even improve the graphics of a low-end device by tricking it into thinking that it is using a stronger processor.

  1. Game Booster 3:

Gaming is all about speed, agility and precision; both, on part of the gamer and the device. Your Android device is capable of alot more, if you’re able to minimize memory wastage. So, boost your entire device with a single tap via Game Booster 3, which is by far the most efficient game boosting app in the market.

How it works:

Game Booster 3 enhances your smartphone’s speed, more than any other app in the market, by optimizing the CPU and RAM, amongst other things. In order to do this, it takes over the Linux CPU management of your smartphone to give you the best in-game performance your device can offer. The app can be used for both rooted as well as unrooted devices.

The bestresults can be attained by combining Game Booster 3 and App Booster. In addition to gaming, you can also optimize memory for other apps on your device through the App Booster option.


These applications will undoubtedly provide you with the right skills and equipment to compete like a pro!

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