10 Start Ups With Great Potential You Should Follow In 2017

Emmme Studio

Three women architects,who are passionate about interior design, realized there was an emptiness in the sector, since the decoration of houses has always been a world for people with money.So, these three women with their ‘slow method’ turned the concept around and designed according to personality, according to customer tastes with a budget-adjusted projects. Emmme Studio is all about slow design!


BIBOO is an eco-friendly enterprise that sells electric bikes. Based in Spain, it’s achieved great results in its very first year and has gained a lot of support thanks to the sustainable options it offers. In addition to helping with the environmental impact, their bikes also look really cool.

Fabulist Travel

Nowadays travel is easier and cheaper than ever, however, although the web pages proliferate to find the best offer, no one cares about the preferences and experiences that the customer wants to live. For that reason, Fabulist has managed to stand out. It’s a start-up responsible for looking for the ideal trip for the whole family, in a destination chosen according to the experience you want to live. The process consists of an algorithm that according to your preferences gives you three destinations to choose from with the whole trip organized for you.


AbaloPublicidad is a start-up that provides a very convenient platform as an e-shop to sell presents and workplace items and supplies. It became one of the most influential start-ups of 2016 thanks to its rapid growth and top quality items.


The revolutionary start-up has created an app for editing videos from the smartphone. This app has been in the market for a few months and has already gotten thousands of downloads with very little publicity. It’s also very convenient for sharingthe edited videos on any social network. It’s one of the start-us with the most potential.

Monarch Solicitors

Monarch Solicitors is a UK based start-up in the law sector. Unlike the other start-ups in this list, this one deals purely with services and is currently becoming one of the most major lawyer firms in the country. Their great growth can be attributed to their high quality legal services for decent prices.

Sharing Matter

This promising start-up proposes the sharing and use of underutilized goods and consumables by creating a network among individuals, professionals and organizations, all classified in a way that is practical and fast for the user. The difference in this business model is that they only serve as a link between who has the good or material and who needs it. This is a great way for a start-up to aim for sustainability while offering a great service.

Audio MC

AudioMC is the first product of the spin off LBN Innovative Solutions, a company dedicated to the research, development and innovation in biomedical devices. They developed a method for audiometric study with precision and rapidity without the need for patient collaboration, using a cochlear microphone audiometry, which allows it to be 30% cheaper and 50% faster in the treatment. This is a very innovative start-up.

Sp Control Technologies

This start-up has developed an application for digital control of switched power converters through an FPGA, which consists of a system which combines the microprocessors to accelerate their work, in order to eliminate the preliminary programming that every microchip has. It is also supported by a consulting service. This app has helped the start-up do great in its first year.

Wine Outlet

Surprisingly this is the first wine related start-up on the list but the truth is that recently the wine industry has been one of the fastest growing in the world. Wine Outlet is a start-up that sells wines through it’s well optimised e-shop in Greece. The key to its success is said to be the great range of wines which are said to be some of the most popular in the world.

Which start-ups will you look into in the future?

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