Tracking The Incredible Growth of Today’s Social Media Platforms

Social media has become a household name among people both young and old. It’s not exclusive to casual users or businesses, or anyone in between. Just about anyone with an internet connection participates on social media. It’s incredible how quickly today’s platforms have grown. In total, there are are 3 billion people in the world with access to internet.

What’s remarkable, is that 2.1 billion of those people have social media accounts. Today, we’ll look at how far these platforms have come in the short time since their creation, followed by an animated infographic that paints a visual image of this growth.

Social Media by The Numbers: Unparalleled Growth (Infographic)

Let’s start by looking at Facebook. In today’s world, people are making websites and taking them straight to social media. This is where businesses and blogs are promoting their content and marketing their services. Facebook is an incredible place to grow your brand as it houses the most active users of any platform.

With over 4.5 billion “likes” per day, it offers a huge amount of data for marketers to understand their audience. Looking at Twitter, we see that 32% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 access the platform. It generates billions of tweets per day and offers a great place to perform A/B split testing for various marketing elements.

Finally, we look at Pinterest, and we see that this underdog has grown substantially. In 2016 alone, the platform has enjoyed a growth of 81 million users. Pinterest is a great platform for rich images and how-to-guides. It offers substantial content to back the pinned items that users find on the boards.

In fact social media and other platforms have grown over the years. Let us know which social media platform you prefer in the comments!



Matt Banner

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