Top 5 events to use Online flower delivery services

Being colorful, fragrant and velvety soft, flowers can instantly brighten up the interiors. Nothing can beat the charisma of fresh floral arrangements. Whether it is a simple bouquet or a rich arrangement of splendid buds, it enlivens our mind and soul. You don’t have to wait for specific season to send a bouquet. A wide variety of beautiful blooms are available all over the year. All you need to do is to pick the suitable kind after considering event and your relationship with the receiver.

You can either visit your nearest florist shop to buy a ready-made bunch to deliver in personal or you can also pick flower delivery services to execute this duty on your behalf. Primary reasons to select a professional service are to overcome the geographical and time barriers. Besides these reasons, people use professional vendors to send flowers to Croatia on several events.

Below I am sharing top five events for which people widely pick vendors to deliver a perfect bunch to their dear one.

Mother’s day

The day has been celebrated all over the world since 1910 to show the eternal love with the most important lady in our life. Statistical data have documented this day among the events, which see the highest purchases and online orders for bouquets. To avoid missing this day, senders consider booking in advance to get the perfect bunch for the day. Moreover, people also wear red (alive) and white (passed away) carnations to symbolize their love for moms.


Having been observed at the end of the harvesting season, the primary aim to celebrate this day is to tribute and thanks all the blessings of life we enjoy throughout the year. In addition to cooking delicious food, houses are decorated with beautiful floral arrangements. Individuals and families also exchange bouquets while visiting their relatives and friends. Generally, people make advance reservations with local dealers to avoid facing event specific blooms like chrysanthemums, hydrangeas and capriccio roses. As people are flooding on floral shops to buy the same kind, you may not find a suitable bouquet at the end.


Christmas is another important occasion, when we don’t want to forget conveying our best wishes to our family, friends and colleagues. Although, the festive season occurs during peak winter season, it is not difficult to find a suitable bloom for this day. Poinsettias, Jasminum nudiflorum, Amaryllis, Paperwhite and Roses are few blossoms you can pick to make a perfect bunch for this day. Despite being grown in large-scale, there are more chances of a shortage. Just because of unexpectedly higher demands. To avoid facing troubles, people prefer using local retailers to reserve their order. Professional vendors not only assure on time delivery, but also guide you to pick the suitable kind after considering your budget and needs.

Valentine’s Day

Having been listed on the top among few occasions when people consider using flowers to convey their message to that special person in their life. Sharing bunches and single buds are an old tradition for this day. The day is celebrated all over the world on 14th February. Lovers, couples and friends, exchange bouquets, gifts and chocolates on this day. To show their love and sincerity people commonly chooses red roses, lilies, tulips, and Agapanthus. As you want to inspire the person you love the most, you don’t want to end up picking faded buds. To get the freshest blooms everyone prefers ordering bouquets to enjoy the beauty of aesthetically arranged bunches.


Whether, it’s birthday, wedding anniversary or a funeral ceremony, sending flower is an old tradition. To avoid making wrong choice, generally people contact with professional florists. They not only guide you about the right kind, but also give suggestions to make expressive arrangements according to event without breaking your budget. If you have some unique choices according to the personality, birth month and relationship with the receiver, they will display best available varieties you may pick.

Summary: Although, you don’t actually need any occasion to show your warmth and care for your beloved, sending event specific bouquets will gratify them in special manner.

Shirley Wilson

Blogger by Passion, online Marketer by profession!

Shirley Wilson

Blogger by Passion, online Marketer by profession!

Shirley Wilson

Blogger by Passion, online Marketer by profession!

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