Tips to Optimizing Local SEO

If you are a small or mid-size company, you can easily harness opportunities by optimizing your website for a local search. Regardless of your business model, you will need a distinguished presence online to draw more customers towards your business. With more and more people staying online these days, an optimized web page is the most effective way to promote your company and thus create an unforgettable brand name. Apart from the general SEO strategies, you need to cover an extra mile to create a quick yet lasting impact. Read below for some quickie tips.

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  • Go places with Google Places

Sign up for a Google Places account and fill out all the information there. You can consider describing your product offerings and other details. Having images and videos will be a great idea and will help improving your site relevancy, so try to upload some relevant and appealing multimedia contents as well.

  • Tip: You can use some of your keywords in description fields. Be cautious not to overdo the thing though.
  • Introduce your best self at “Contact Us” and “About Us” pages

Spend some time to publish a note about your business, your product ranges, operating hours, office location, landmarks, etc. so that a user can be clear about what you represent. People love to visit places that have a proper address, and that is easily reachable. Mention your contact details from phone numbers to email addresses. You never know what mode of communication can get you more business. Keeping the Contact Us page updated will help potential customers in making inquiry calls to you.

  • Backlink your social media profiles

Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are powerhouses in stabilizing your online presence. It is a smart idea to include your social media profiles on your website to build a stronger relationship with your customers. Add the call to action buttons below your pages so that visitors can share the content on social sites.

Also, since social media is very popular among the general population, you can expect this move to improve your SERP rankings.

  • Tip: Devote some time daily for your social media pages to get the extra-fast results.
  • Image is Illustrative

In an age of e-commerce, establishing your credentials is a priority. Upload some of your business photographs, both interior and exterior of your office. That will make your presence appear real and trustworthy. Adding a map or a third-party map-link that has features like tracking and zooming to improve user experience on your website. This is a perfect trigger to enhance your local SEO presence.

  • Tip: While describing your products is a good way to let your customers understand what you are selling, nothing can match the effect that a product image can have. Remember the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. People love to see pictures and will appreciate seeing the product before buying. And you get the credibility X-factor too.
  • Get yourself Rated

Ask for customer feedback and display the reviews ratings, etc. on your website. Apart from increasing your online relevancy, this will work in favor of your company’s promotion and branding.

  • More than one office? Even better.

If your office is located at more than one place, you should create separate landing pages, one for every location. This will make people understand your business better and can help them choose which location is more convenient for them. What’s even better is that having multiple landing pages can give you a chance to include a greater number of keywords. Thus, you are hitting the bull’s eye by this smart SEO strategy.

Sophia wright

I am professional writer and love to write on various channels.

Sophia wright

I am professional writer and love to write on various channels.

Sophia wright

I am professional writer and love to write on various channels.

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