The 5 Best Internet Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

Besides having something to sell, marketing is hands-down the most important part of any business.

It’s the life blood that attracts potential buyers and turns them into paying customers. Without it, your business doesn’t bring in any money and it ultimately fails.

You know you need to be out there marketing as much as possible, but what if you don’t have the resources bigger companies have access to? You need to compete to stay relevant and thrive.

Here are 5 of the best internet marketing tools you should consider using to meet your goals.

Content Analysis Tools

 A sound content marketing strategy is key for most online businesses.

If you’re putting a content plan in place, it’s important to know what content and SEO tactics work best for your competitors. That way you know what to improve on and what could work for you.

There are free SEO checkers that provide in-depth analysis and data of a site based on its URL. You can find top performing content, keywords, and much more.

One tool is particular that I like is Buzzsumo. It lets you search for content and websites in your niche, then spits out the most popular articles.

 Landing Page Software

 Having a website and blog to drive traffic doesn’t do much if you can’t convert them to customers. Landing pages are an effective way to increase conversation rates and generate leads.

The great thing about landing pages is that they are incredibly easy to build these days. Software such as Unbounce or LeadPages lets you customize and create professional looking landing pages, without needing an ounce of code.

 Email Marketing Software

 If you’re capturing leads as email addresses, you don’t want them to go to waste. That’s where a strong email marketing campaign comes into play.

Email marketing software lets you automate sales funnels and turn those on-the-fence buyers into paying customers.

Probably the best free (or paid) email marketing software out there is Mailchimp. There are plenty of others that you can use though, Aweber being another notable one.

Automation Tools

 After publishing an article, it becomes a nuisance to manually blast it out to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social platforms every time. Tools, such as IFTTT and Zapier, can save you the hassle by automatically doing this after setting it up.

That’s just one of the many ways to use these tools. You decide what actions become automated – the possibilities are literally endless. Plus, it makes others think you have a full-on marketing team, when it’s really just you.

 Image Creation Tools

 Let’s face it. People like looking at pretty pictures.

Infographics are killing it on social media these days because they’re easily shareable and quick to comprehend.

If you’re not a graphic designer or an Adobe Photoshop wiz, Canva is something you could probably handle. Canva helps you create simple images, social media cards, and stunning infographics by providing easy to use templates.


 Marketing is critical, but it’s also easy to get overwhelmed fast. Most of the tools above are 100% free, and they provide you the firepower you need to stay relevant in your market. Leave no customers on the table by making sure you use these tools to your advantage.

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