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Copacabana Type Seating Chair 0

Copacabana Type Seating Chair

Copacabana Type Seating Chair Copacabana is a soft and comfortable seat made of high level moulding technology which absorbs mechanical forces in use. Copacabana was created together with the famous international designer Marting Ballendat…...

Kango Smart Chair 0

Kango Smart Chair

Kango Smart Chair Ultimate seating comfort at a favourable price-performance ratio. The Kango Smart connects modern, filigree design with exceptional stability. It is also available in an upholstered business version… Find out more/Send Enquiry

RiLink - Global Fiber Service 0

RiLink – Global Fiber Service

RiLink – Global Fiber Service Riedel’s RiLink is the new way to connect broadcast live signals from remote event locations to the studio or foreign studios with home facility. The RiLink Global Fiber Service...

RockNet - The Performance Audio Network 0

RockNet – The Performance Audio Network

RockNet – The Performance Audio Network RockNet is a real-time, low latency audio distribution network tailored to tour and installed sound applications. RockNet provides a universal solution to almost any imaginable audio distribution challenge...

MediorNet – The Real-Time Media Network 0

MediorNet – The Real-Time Media Network

MediorNet – The Real-Time Media Network MediorNet unleashes the true potential of fibre-optic signal transport, providing a real-time network solution for the integrated transport and routing of 3G/HD/SD SDI video, audio, data and communication...

Versatile Temporary Stairs System 0

Versatile Temporary Stairs System

Versatile Temporary Stairs System The Pakar Stairs system is in conformity with the latest regulation for public areas. The Pakar Stairs Solution relies on a Ring-Lock scaffolding system and can be adapted to other...

Versatile Grandstand Roofing 0

Versatile Grandstand Roofing

Versatile Grandstand Roofing Pakar Seating’s Grandstand roofing system includes a Load-Bearing steel structure covered with a PVDF coated polyester fabric. Our Pakar Roofing solution is safe, Light-weight, easy to install… Find out more/Send Enquiry

Flat seats 0

Flat seats

Flat seats Injection moulded Polypropylene (PP) Flat seat with smooth and glossy finish. Polypropylene thickness5mm. Dimensions : 415mm width, 340mm depth, 75mm height… Find out more/Send Enquiry

Tip-up seats 0

Tip-up seats

Tip-up seats Self supporting, this Tip-up seat consists of a Separate seat and backrest, and a galvanized frame. it features an ergonomic design. The automatic Tip-up seat has a special counter-weight system located under...

Infill EPDM ECO 0


Infill EPDM ECO Infill EPDM ECO complies with the strict requirements of the ÖISS Directive (luminous bacteria test) relating to eco-toxicity and PAH content; it can consequently be used for construction projects… Find out...