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Torque Sensors 0

Torque Sensors – Sensor Technology

Torque Sensors – Sensor Technology Torque sensors, the NEW TorqSense RWT410/420 replace the RWT310/320 series and feature all new electronics that have produced significant performance gains in resolution, frequency response, reduced sensor current consumption…...

Plug-and-Measure Series PM15P 0

Plug-and-Measure / Series PM15P

Plug-and-Measure / Series PM15P The PMU-P measuring heads of the humidity and temperature sensor PM15P are calibrated and thus enable a replacement within seconds. Replaced measuring heads can be recalibrated in the factory… More...

Sensors with ATEX certificate 0

Sensors with ATEX certificate

Sensors with ATEX certificate Humidity & temperature measurement is used in potentially explosive areas. The intrinsically safe humidity and temperature sensors with ATEX licence made by Galltec+Mela are certified for use in potentially explosive…...

Industrial sensors 0

Industrial sensors – Galltec

Industrial sensors – Galltec These sensors are offered with different sensor tube lengths and an operating temperature up to 125°C in the channel version. In the two-piece version, they are manufactured for an operating...

Humidity Sensors 0

Humidity Sensors – First Sensor

Humidity Sensors – First Sensor These robust products are characterized by their small size and low power consumption. This makes them perfectly suited to battery-operated applications in mobile and portable devices. More Details

Acceleration Sensors 0

Acceleration Sensors – First Sensor

Acceleration Sensors – First Sensor Technology platform to fabricate precise inertial sensors for geoengineering, condition monitoring or navigation by our company: The patented AIM-technology (Air gap Insulated Microstructures) is used to fabricate sensors and...

Radiation Sensors 0

Radiation Sensors – First Sensor

Radiation Sensors – First Sensor Detectors for ionizing radiation Nuclear particles and X-rays can be detected with silicon either directly via absorption within the crystal lattice or indirectly via scintillators. For the absorption mode...