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pharmaceutical powders container jars 0

Pharmaceutical powders container jars

Pharmaceutical powders container jars Laboratoria Smeets is proud to have its own patented technology for API solubility enhancement, pharmaceutical packaging sachets, talc packaging bioavailability pharmaceutical powders container jars pharmaceutical solids.. More Details

Universal Label Printer 0

Universal Label Printer

Universal Label Printer The UV DOD, W+CMYK and precision-inset printer is designed for printing on a variety of blank or pre-printed web-fed substrates, opaque or transparent. It handles material widths up to 340 mm,...

Hapa 800 LabelJet 0

Hapa 800 LabelJet

Hapa 800 LabelJet The Hapa 800 LabelJet is a fully-digital piezo inkjet system, using Drop on Demand technology to print pre-cut, self-adhesive labels. The solvent-free UV-curing inks used provide perfectly sharp print quality in...

Hapa 800 WebJet 0

Hapa 800 WebJet

Hapa 800 WebJet The Hapa 800 WebJet is a fully-digital, piezo inkjet printing system for the printing of a wide range of roll-fed substrates. Designed to print on blank or pre-printed materials Just-in-Time and...

EasyFlex 0


EasyFlex Compact and robust, EasyFlex is easily installed on virtually every brand of packaging machine. It uses a format-free rotary printing technology and is compatible with both intermittent and continuous motion machines… More Details

Hapa 230-Hybrid 0

Hapa 230-Hybrid

Hapa 230-Hybrid Combines the features and economic benefits of flexo format-free rotary technology with fully-digital Drop on Demand printing flexibility. Use the UV flexo technology to print text and artwork highly cost-effective… More Details