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High Content Antibody Profiling 0

High Content Antibody Profiling

High Content Antibody Profiling Even with careful design of epitopes and selection techniques it isimpossible to predict the in-vivo binding properties of antibodies towardsnatively folded proteins. High content antibody profiling through Logopharm’s… More Details

Propellant Filling Stations 0

Propellant Filling Stations

Propellant Filling Stations Centomat rotary stations are suitable for the filling and sealing of products in large series. The individual process modules may be combined to form a high-performance system or installed in an...

Redcube 0


Redcube Redcube is Hapa’s compact UV Drop on Demand Piezo inkjet printer for high-end markin. Hapa’s redcube distinguishes itself by repeatedly printing text, barcodes and /products_services/manufacturing_equipment/hapa-ag/images… More Details