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OCTAVA 1553 Terminal 0

OCTAVA 1553 Terminal

OCTAVA 1553 Terminal OCTAVA 1553 Terminal is a pin-to-pin replacement device for DDC® BU-65178 and BU-61688 that offer compatible software and electrical characteristics. A board containing 1553 Terminal designed… More Details

1553 Bus Tester 0

1553 Bus Tester

1553 Bus Tester Sital Technology is specialized in providing 1553 bus testers and bus analysis capability in a compact self contained unit. 1553 bus tester via USB 2.0 interface to any host systems. USB...

Mil Std 1553 IP Cores 0

Mil Std 1553 IP Cores

Mil Std 1553 IP Cores Sital Technology Ltd is an excellent manufacturer of Mil-Std-1553 IP Cores in required configuration of BC, RT, MT etc. Sital’s Mil-std-1553 IP cores allow flexibility of using different memory...

Degaussing systems 0

Degaussing systems

Degaussing systems The Degaussing system consists of cables along the hull in Vertical, Longitude and Transversal directions, producing counteracting magnetic fields in three directions. Those cables are powered by computer… More Details

Linear Motors 0

Linear Motors

Linear Motors Our Piezo LEGS® linear motors range in force from a few Newton up to 450 N. The patented technology delivers single-digit nanometer resolution and direct friction drive with zero backlash… More Details

Hull valves for submarines 0

Hull valves for submarines

Hull valves for submarines Hale Hamilton manufacture and supply a range of hull valves, designed to transfer fluids and gases under pressure across a submarine’s pressure hull. Typical applications include: Compressed air, nitrogen… More...

Charging nitrogen gas systems 0

Automated Cylinder Filling

Charging nitrogen gas systems Nitrogen PCU’s to civilian specification are in-service in Europe, the Middle East and Far East supporting Business jets, Civilian airliners and Commercial helicopter operations… More Details

Betalux exit sign 0

Betalux exit sign

Betalux exit sign Signs are self-illuminating, needing no external/internal electrical power supply or secondary light source. They are continuously illuminated even during prolonged periods of darkness… More Details

Betalight Compass 0

Betalight Compass

Betalight Compass Betalights provide the compass with a continuous and secure light source that preserves night-vision and enables readings to be taken quickly in partial and total darkness. Parallax errors are eliminated by a...