Subtle Tricks Any Business Can Use To Improve Its Branding

Sometimes, clever company branding schemes are a result of coincidence or even outsourcing. You might have known what your business slogan was before you even incorporated your company. Unfortunately, being personally invested in any part of your business’s professional image can cloud your judgment. Just because you think your logo looks great as it is, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t benefit from an update. If you have earned your MBA in information technology, don’t disregard the incredible wealth of information that you gained while the midst of your studies. Companies can get rid of mascots and introduce entirely new logos if they stay in line with what their customers expect. Use these tricks to spruce up your company’s brand, keep the customers that you have long been servicing, and attract new markets.

Use Color to Train Customers’ Eyes

Dark colors might be seen as being professionally universal, but they can also be drab. If your business has a logo that is black and white, it needs to be incredibly dynamic to remain memorable. This doesn’t mean that you need to hire a professional artist to draw an intricate logo, but all black and white imagery has to make good use of the line work. Alternatively, using color to make your logo stand out like a bull’s eye won’t hurt either. You can make it multicolored if you are selling something that is avant-garde or eclectic, or use just a single color to add dimension.

Making Decisions Based On Font Style

Professionals who have attended MBA program online courses are knowledgeable about fonts and how they can be harnessed to build business branding. For instance, companies such as Intel have paid designers to create exclusive fonts that are used for all of their business materials and advertisements. In turn, those fonts can become part of a business’s brand itself. If your budget only allows you to make use of fonts that you can purchase licensing rights to, think about the type of impact you want to make on your main customers. Cursive fonts may look elegant and tasteful, but they aren‘t easily read from a distance. Blocky fonts may be impactful, but they can look harsh when used on a website.

Get Feedback on Your Company Branding Before Launch

Don’t think that your opinion isn’t important because it is, but realize that your customers are the ones that should be listened to. If the early feedback that you receive on changes that your company anticipates making to its branding isn’t positive, the good news is that you have other directions that you can go into. On the other hand, if you receive good notes about an anticipated branding update before launch you might be compelled to become bolder.

Even a relatively plain company logo can be turned into a branding masterpiece if you pay attention to details. Use different colors to make your business logo look new and switch up the font that you normally use to present a fresh update. Your new brand may make you feel like your company is no longer recognizable, but a change in the world sphere is never a bad thing.

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