Social Media, a New Customer Intelligence Platform for More Sales

social mediaToday, companies are increasingly using social media for business purposes. They integrate its power to enhance internal and external communication, marketing and recruitment trails. Alongside, a majority of businesses also use it to enrich Customer Management Software and spur sales both, locally and globally.

Social media is an inventive apparatus that aids you to significantly initiate and extend conversations across online portals to reach out to more and more prospects in a short span of time. By doing this, it gives you prolific opportunities in sales and assists you to branch business growth from ground to sky.

Currently, it is the fastest customer intelligence platform that diligently helps you to achieve rapid sales. So, let’s take a look on a few major ways through which it can help you in sales.

Form a vast Network

Every business intends to extend its network across sectors and industries. Today, social media can speedily help you in this endeavour. All you need to do is create a profile on different platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Alongside, start joining various groups and communities on these forums that are relevant to your business. This way, you can touch base with numerous prospects across cities and towns, not only in India but globally as well.

Social Posts

Your second step here should be to embrace one of the best Business Intelligence Solutions i.e. blog- posts. Through blog-posts you can initiate conversations within the group and stay active on social platforms. If done regularly and in the right style, this technique can well establish you as a thought leader. Today, you can also post videos on YouTube to touch base with prospects who prefer listening or watching instead of reading.


Content is the foundation of any brand or a business. It conveys your vision, values, ethos and offerings to the prospects and gives them a chance to learn about your business through Salezshark  crm, even before you pitch. Hence, it becomes crucial of all companies to build strong, profound and customer- centric content. Today, you can easily achieve this, by gaining insights of your customers through Sales CRM, Marketing Automation CRM and more.


Fastest route to attain customer feedback is through social media. Customers present here, give you instant feedback through their comments which helps you to alter or modify the product/ service according to their need. Such customised product can deliver better results in sales. Besides this, real-time feedback from prospects also helps you to rapidly populate and enrich your Leads Management CRM Tool with relevant insights.

Build Relationships

Good relations often turn into leads. So, the most important thing for sales people is to develop and nurture relationships with customers. At present, social media gives you an open arena to do so. In this digital age, people share a lot of information/ concerns on social platforms; hence, you need to wisely monitor and listen to what they say and accordingly engage in a conversation to develop a relationship.

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