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Rader Vogel has been developing wheels and castors since 1946, which meet the ever increasing demands of the market. From individual customer-specific items to standardised large batches. Extensively used in industrial trucks, extraction technology, storage technology, in industry, retail and crafts. Our high demands, our quality and our capacity for innovation have made Rader Vogel one of the leading manufacturers of wheels, pallet rollers, press-on tyres and swivel and fixed castors in the world. Rader Vogel produced almost all of our more than 30,000 different items in Germany and with a customer base more than 10,000 associated with us. Rader Vogel has presence in more than 40 countries around the world.

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Design and Development:

Individual items or large batches – Rader Vogel are specialists and the market leader in customised production in Germany. Working in cooperation with various companies associated, we develop high-quality solutions for a diverse range of requirements with vast years of experience and expertise working in almost every industry.

We make everything possible.

40 employees in our construction and development department every day strive to make your wishes a reality. Our range of services includes the entire production development cycle – from the initial idea, to construction and testing, and through to production. Depending on the requirements and area of application, we can either draw on existing products or adapt them to fit your needs or we can construct new, innovative solutions in collaboration with you.

Based on 3D construction data, we carry out strength calculations and simulations of load cases using specialised FEM modules. This allows us to check all the key parameters of your wheel by computer.

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Innovative wheel tread materials

In addition to the construction of custom-made products, we constantly work on the further development of our existing product range and on implementing market requirements into new products. We are the most innovative company in the development of wheel tread materials in the world and we cooperate closely in this respect with a number of colleges and with our partners. Over the past decades, we have developed and patented several materials, such as Vulkollan®-ELF and Tractothan®.

Product groups

Consistently high quality, delivery reliability and flexibility are the key criteria in the selection of our suppliers. The following products and product groups are regularly procured by our purchasing department:

  1. Cast iron (grey and nodular cast iron) wheel blanks (raw and processed)
  2. Steel wheel blanks (C45, ST52-3, 9 SMN 28)
  3. Aluminium wheel blanks (die casting and solid material)
  4. Seamlessly drawn steel tubes up to 420 mm in diameter
  5. Flat steel and sectional steel
  6. Steel bands
  7. Rubber coatings
  8. Anti-friction bearings and plain bearings
  9. Flame-cut parts (autogenous burning/laser cutting)
  10. Rotating and milled parts
  11. Mechanical fasteners
  12. Metal and non-ferrous metal semi-finished materials
  13. Plastic semi-finished materials
  14. Plastic finished parts
  15. Plastic raw materials (PA, PP, TPU, TPE)
  16. Consumables
  17. Housing (sheet-pressed and welded steel)
  18. Wheels
  19. Castors
  20. Solid rubber press-on tyres
  21. Idlers
  22. Ball units
  23. Transportation equipment
  24. Packaging materials


We focus on what we do best – the production of high-quality wheels and castors. Beginning with the mechanical processing of rims, taking in mould making and through to machine casting, hand casting, injection moulding and post-processing, we manufacture almost every product here in Germany.

We strive for one thing above all else: Perfection.

On an area of almost 20,000 m², we produce more than 30,000 wheels with over 25 different wheel tread materials every day at our three plants in Hamburg. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and automated processes form the basis for our recognised high quality standards.

We manufacture wheels and conveyor rollers made of Pevolon®, Pevothan® and Pevolastic® using modern, fully automated injection moulding machines.

Our Vulkollan® and polyurethane production is the largest and most flexible of its kind in the world. This enables us to respond to your specific requirements at all times and also to produce individual items and low volumes efficiently. We also work with the most sensitive tools there are – the human hand and human eye. Although the majority of our process steps are automated, certain materials and wheel sizes can only be processed by hand casting. The many years of experience and expertise of our employees further ensure perfect results in this processing step.

To find out more about,

Rader Vogel: http://www.raedervogel.de/

Got Enquiries? Visit us at: http://www.steel-technology.com/company/materials-handling/rader-vogel-rader-und-rollenfabrik-gmbh-co-kg


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Jacob Higgins

A blogger by passion follows the latest Industry trends and an explorer by choice.
Jacob Higgins
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Jacob Higgins

A blogger by passion follows the latest Industry trends and an explorer by choice.

Jacob Higgins
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Jacob Higgins

A blogger by passion follows the latest Industry trends and an explorer by choice.
Jacob Higgins
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