POS for Restaurants

A Point of Sale (POS) application is the modern manner that many restaurants operate to capture orders, recording data and display or printing tickets. Restaurant personnel like servers, bartenders and cashiers can all use POS systems for their functioning.

Features of a POS

A POS is basically a software application that acts as a cash register. It may consist of credit card terminals, receipt printers, as well as server stations. A Point Of Sale provides convenience in several operations, accurate records, as well as quick responses, hence saving precious time.

The basic functions of POS software are:

  • Calculating cash due for every order entered
  • Record the method of payment, be it through cash, through cards, or through net-banking.
  • Keeping records of stock and inventory, with regular updates.
  • Creation of sales reports.
  • Calculating attendance of employees.
  • Calculating labor and payroll data
  • Record daily check averages for each worker
  • Keep track of menu items sold
  • Record information on frequent customers
  • Communication with the same customers

These functions indicate that the POS is more than just a cash register. It is an application that manages business, as well as builds leads on further sales. It records the contact details of customers each time they purchase, and then keeps in frequent touch with them.

Emails are sent regarding the latest offers, special discounts and new arrival of products or services. In this manner, the interests of the customers are kept alive and coaxed to visit your store repeatedly in the future. A business’ continuous growth depends on ‘staying in the news’.

Large heaps of money, time and personnel are invested in advertising. Restaurant owners and managements compete rigorously over print, phonic and digital media to capture the customer’s attention and then retain it. All this and more can be performed at a very minimal cost, using the modern POS.

How to set a POS in your restaurant?

A POS can be run on any touch screen platform. Hence, it can be installed in various locations around the restaurant, depending on the architectural style and space available. Casual restaurants and common hangout places usually install a POS system, at a visible area, often close to the front doors of the restaurant. In a full service restaurant, the POS is usually located in a discreet place so as not to interfere with the blissful ambiance.

How to get a POS?

Give your customers a new flavor by opting for the services of Point of Sale software. There are several companies developing their own versions of the POS. These can be searched on e-commerce platforms or from the company’s home website. One such application titled the DucePOS and developed by Technoduce Info Solutions, is currently making waves in the dining industry. It in fact, runs on hand-held devices such as smart-phones and tablets powered by various Operating Systems.

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