Panasonic exhibits modern Healthcare Technology products

Panasonic Systems Communication of North America (PSCNA), an affiliate to Japanese Electronics and Technology major Panasonic Corporation, has officially debuted at Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society 2015, a conference hosted on the basis of new technological innovation happening in Healthcare sector that includes wide range products from mobile computation tools to interactive kiosks, digital media optimizing solutions for a better patient and doctor interaction. The conference draws wide range of speakers from the industries who share the ongoing key aspects in Healthcare Technology sector. Panasonic is targeting the businesses by providing the benefits of interoperability along with the connected Continuum of care and optimizing solutions for patient and the staff communications with an efficiency of mobile communication between healthcare providers.

Panasonic will also exhibit its complete product portfolio of connected healthcare solutions, includes touch screen kiosks as a part of interactive waiting room, media applications for patient room, surgical imaging technology, digital signage system to increase the engagement and increase the way finding capabilities, a distinguishing lineup of mobility and communication solutions.

The products on the offer are said to be high in interoperability, reliability, efficient and deliver improved patient outcomes, with a network of connected devices that works appropriately in the Healthcare Sector.

Panasonic Systems NA officially unveiled Connected Patient Room and Innovative Speaker Technology, which provides an effective communication between the patients and healthcare providers acts as a key factor in benefiting the positive patient outcomes.

Panasonic Healthcare Tech

Panasonic Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Connected Patient Room System: Panasonic introduced an enhanced patient media to rejuvenate patient experience, it’s a comprehensive media solution can be used as centrally managed to the delivery of entertainment comprehended by infotainment, education along with better communication facility between the patients and the staff of the Hospital. The solution targets to enhance the patients experience by enabling flexibility, increased options on engagement during the times of treatment, further enhance the staff performance and overall hospital communications.

Innovative Speaker Technology: Innovative speaker technology helps to replace the conventional speakers, which spread sound everywhere adds up chaotic environment in the hospital. Panasonic will introduce directional speaker technology that helps in trimming the noise clutter by delivering sound in a desired direction. The technology intends to help in targeted announcements, can integrate with the displays placed in the patient’s room or the lobby to avoid unnecessary noises.

Panasonic Mobility Solutions: As technology grew rapidly the need for storing the patients record digitally is catching up faster, which maximize the efficiency and enhanced mobility in healthcare sector will be crucial for Hospital Management. Panasonic is exhibiting its desirable product line of powerful mobile computers that can withstand any challenges faced in a Hospital Sector like spills and drops.

Panasonic Toughpad 4K Tablet

An overview of Panasonic Toughpad 4K Tablet

Toughpad 4K Tablet: Panasonic’s enhanced version of 20 inch, 4k tablet comes with a 5th generation Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor and HDMI 2.0 input to increase efficiency in professional video experience. This 20-inch tablet provides an exceptional viewing experience allowing patient and physician consultative experience.

Toughbook 54

A Panasonic Toughbook 54 on display, Source: tomsharware.

Toughbook 54: The Toughbook 54 is light-weighted, thin and semi-durable laptop makes it an ideal solution for clinicians who rely on mobile computing devices that are thin and lightweight in order to capture patient data. It’s equipped with a 14 inch screen and built on magnesium alloy for a better durability and simple to handle.

There were many more mobile computing devices like 10 inch Toughpad FZ-G1, 5 inch Toughpad FZ-X1 built on Android based OS and etc.

Along with Mobility devices Panasonic has displayed various Digital Signage Solutions like Signage Displays and Donor Recognition.

Signage Displays and Donor Recognition

An overview of Signage Displays and Donor Recognition, Source: plannedlegacy.

Signage Displays and Donor Recognition: It’s a digital donor wall that uses Panasonic display technology replaces the conventional static entryway in order to recognize the donors who have used the facility. Displays offer optional interactive capability, allowing the Healthcare Technicians to interact with the application to learn more.

Health and Self-Service Kiosks: Interactive displays and touch screen way finding methodologies greet the patients and visitors. Furthermore, helps in navigating through the hospital complex. Digital kiosks ease the way of registrations by signing up or signing in the patient details, helps in speeding up the access to healthcare. In the waiting room, kiosks can be helpful to educate the patients about the health issues, services offered and general information.

Collaborating the best technology through a Connected Conference Room.

Panasonic has been an industry leader in audio/video solutions expertise in healthcare conference room facility. Panasonic supplies the highest quality of display, projector and video camera technology to capture the most accurate information possible and to foster the collaboration in a professional environment.

Interactive Displays provide professional complete HD displays that incorporate intuitive touch-screen technology, complete interactive whiteboard functionality and the latest wireless communication system to allow more collaborative work environments.

Panasonic also displayed various other healthcare equipments in the show.

Unified Communication System: SIP phones features advanced high definition voice and graphical touch screens, are build to enhance communications, empower the business productivity and collaboration. Surgical Suites: Panasonic operating room recording features a HD 3 chip compact camera and a recording system with commendable color accuracy. It features a 32 inch certified medical monitor will be showcased to display the In-plane switching, IPS-pro, which provides superb quality images with extremely high on accuracy.

Scanner Solutions: It’s a combination of reliable and world-class hardware with powerful software that transforms the entire paper workflow to digital in a faster, simpler and accurate manner.

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Jacob Higgins

A blogger by passion follows the latest Industry trends and an explorer by choice.
Jacob Higgins
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Jacob Higgins

A blogger by passion follows the latest Industry trends and an explorer by choice.

Jacob Higgins
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Jacob Higgins

A blogger by passion follows the latest Industry trends and an explorer by choice.
Jacob Higgins
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