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Those that register a domain to secure their brand names in the hope of using it in the future, but look to make some money with it before then. Those that are interested in the business of buying and selling domains.Those who hear the term ‘domain parking’ and the next thing that comes to mind is a parking lot, this post is for these people as well.

For the sake of the third group, domain parking is different from monetized domain parking, and they both actually derive their names from ‘car parking’ in the sense that parked domains are not currently in use, just like a parked car.

When you park a domain, it means you register an internet domain name, but instead of linking it with a hosting service like a website or email, you reserve it for future use and thus prevent someone else from snatching it before you.

On the other hand, when you license that parked domain to a domain registrar like Freeparking Domains or an internet advertising publisher so that they can channel it to a webpage filled with adverts targeting type-in visitors to the domain, then you have monetized your parked domain.

When to monetize your parked domains

The answer is simple, when they are sitting there on the net languishing in oblivion. If you aren’t using your domain names at the moment, or if you are a domainer with lots of domain names you are waiting to sell, why not monetize them? This is, of course, not a guarantee that you will make a lot of money or even make back the yearly registration fee for each domain. But if you are lucky, if you have many domain names and they are high-type-in-traffic ones, then you may yet make some money by monetizing them.

How to go about parking a domain name and monetizing it?

  • Choose a domain namechose domain parking

Since monetized domain parking leverages ad clicks from type-in traffic, you need to aim at using high-traffic keywords when creating your domain names. The keywords you use for each domain should focus on a niche. Also, always go for [dot]com domain extensions first.

Check whether the domain names you created are available by simply attempting to register them with a registrar. If they are not available, the registrar’s website will display ‘unavailable’. If they are available, then register them.

  • Monetize the domain names

Next, license the domains to a registrar that is into internet advertising—this is often referred to as a domain parking company. Most domain registrars are into ‘domain parking’, as it’s called. So this should be easy. You can even use the registrar with whom you registered the domain names.

  • List relevant ads

If the domain parking service you use allows you to select the types of adverts you want listed on your domain, then it’s important that you elect ads that are relevant to the niche of your domain name. This will not only increase the chances of the listed ads getting clicked, but is also especially vital if you intend to use the domain in the future—the ads that you elect should reflect the future content of your domain.

How does your parked domain make you money?

parked domain money


  • People type your domain name into the URL bar.
  • They are directed to the web page containing the ads instead of the website they were hoping to view.
  • If before they leave the page they see an ad they like and click it, the link will take them to the website of the ad owner.
  • The advert owner thus pays the parking company a predetermined amount for each lead to his or her site.
  • The parking company then gives you a portion of the payment—up to 80% of the revenue– depending on the domain parking plan you chose.

Always remember this. Never advertise or promote your monetized parked domains in order to garner traffic. Domain parking companies prohibit it. Whichever company you go with, always read their terms and conditions to acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations of monetizing your parked domains with them.

Learn more about monetising your parked domains.

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