Mobile health – The new revolution in healthcare industry

Artificial Intelligence is the master of all trades in today’s world. With the onset of digitization, there is no single field that doesn’t rely on technology. The healthcare system to doesn’t lag behind. With mobile phones and mobile applications being on our fingertips, we rarely do turn towards our computer systems. With just a click away, users get instant access to medical proficiency. These days medical caregivers are resorting more towards mobile technology for the efficient delivery of their services, consumer convenience, and overall enhancement of the healthcare industry.

Given below are some of the important fields where mobile tech is working for the development of the healthcare industry:

• Right from hospitals and clinics to doctors, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic labs; everyone seems to be taking full advantage of mobile technology to promote themselves among the users. On the other hand, users are also getting an appointment for themselves at any of these healthcare providers as per their convenience and need.

• Mobile healthcare apps provide the optimum care with the best treatment available. No matter where the patient is, mobile apps help them connect with the doctors on health and illness advice anytime and anywhere through the mode of the online consultation system

• The timely reminders & notifications in the mobile healthcare apps help patients remember as and when to take their medications or go for clinical appointments. In other words, it acts as your personal medical assistant.

• A properly designed user interface app (EMR) can assist doctors with immediate access to patient medical history. This ensures effective and prompt medical treatment.

• Mobile health apps help in systematic coordination between caregivers and patients where post-surgical care is involved. Instead of repeated hospital visits, patients in assistance with the health care team (doctors and nurses) can monitor their health better and seek help whenever needed, thus saving cost and time.

• Mental health disorder is a hushed medical condition when it comes to society. Often, we fail to realize that patients suffering from this silent disease require to help the most. Well, these days mobile app developers are coming up with innovative healthcare solutions that are acting as a constant companion to such patients when help is not around. And therapists can also learn about new medical techniques to help patients see the world in a better light.

• The main aim of the mobile health app is to improve patient health and well-being. With various fitness apps, health tips, health education, and awareness; today the modern users can monitor their health and take preventive measure before time flies.

• It helps in bridging the rift between users and caregivers. Even if the user is residing in the remote, medical help reaches in no time through telehealth. Mobile Health Apps today is a network connecting doctors from various fields, thus helping them improve healthcare service.

• An integrated mobile app in a huge medical care institution makes work easier for the administrator to deal with healthcare at large as patient data management, medical insurance, and financial transactions.

• Pharmaceutical companies are still struggling to make themselves recognizable in the mobile health technology. However, they have been successful to quite an extent in getting online orders for medicines for home delivery saving both the time and money of the users.

Though the old school clinical visits in-person and doctor appointments have their own sweet advantages, the lack of time and hectic lifestyle have prompted many to resort to technology for an easier and quick access. The EUI survey shows that mobile technology has the capacity to bring about a revolution in the healthcare industry. With new healthcare applications being invented every other day, the future of mobile health is looking bright.

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