Madrid? Istanbul? Or NYC? International marketing tournee as a new way of promotion

It seems that companies have tried everything to attract new customers. Almost each of them uses marketing automation techniques, sends personalized messages, offers and ads. But what will happen when all of that just stops being enough? Which will be the next step to reach business target? Surprisingly simple – you just have to get out and reach it personally, even if that requires organizing an international roadshow.

SALESmanago – a Polish cloud based marketing automation platform specializing in B2C and e-Commerce is experiencing benefits of such marketing formula. The company promoted it’s product in several cities in Poland – and as it worked – decided to go abroad, starting with London, Berlin, Budapest and Prague.


SALESmanago’s project – The Marketing Automation Day ( – is a one day (4 hours) meeting with top Marketing Automation specialists from SALESmanago taking place in various world cities. During this event attenders learn how to use Marketing Automation tools and achieve better results in almost every digital marketing and sales field. Everyone who is interested in modern approach to online marketing is invited, as well as everyone who wants to deliver individually crafted experience and communication to every potential client with right content, at right time. During such events the company shows real case studies from top performing companies within content personalization in Europe and teaches how to deliver more sales ready leads to sales department, increase customer engagement and generate new higher revenue from marketing campaigns.


Registration and participation is free for all interested marketers, enterpreneurs and journalist but the benefits of such marketing campaign outweigh the costs which the company has to cover. Such campaign is more effective than those conducted with using Google Adwords – assures Grzegorz Blazewicz, CEO and Founder of SALESmanago. This is a good way not only to promote our product but also to do some research on what customers from other countries need, he says.

Such marketing strategy can be highly effective especially for companies reaching for international markets. Currently 30% of SALESmanago revenues come from outside of local market and that percentage is set to increase as they recently set up business development offices in London and New York and have acquired over 30 reselling partners across Spain, Germany, Portugal, India, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Ecuador. That is why the agenda of Marketing Automation Day is supposed to grow even bigger. As well as a trend to perform such marketing tournees itself.


SALESmanago is Europe’s largest and – according to Datanyze, one of the world’s top 6 – marketing automation platforms. It offers a complete and unique set of modules for marketing and sales teams that include Next Generation Digital Body Language functionalities and Real Time Decisioning Engine that enable providing real-time 1-to-1 personalized predictive offers in all marketing channels via e-mail marketing, dynamic website content, social media, mobile applications, advertising networks as well as Call Centres and POS. SALESmanago specializes in automation of processes in B2C and eCommerce but the system is also succesfully implemented in B2B companies.

The system is used by over 2000 companies in 30 countries, helping them to achieve better results in almost every digital marketing and sales field. This translates into 100% growth for the third consecutive year with revenue of $2M and net profit of $0.5M. In 2015 the company plans to double their revenue and profit and expand further in European Union and United States. This move will be supported by another financing round with international VC’s in 2016.

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