How To Get People To Stay At Your Exhibition Stand

If you have ever attended an exhibition before, you will be aware of the amount of stands that you can see on the exhibition floor. The ultimate aim is to be able to keep customers at your stand long enough to make an impact. Whether that be educating them about your service or making a direct sale, this all depends on the business and type of exhibition. Here are a few ways to keep people at your stand for longer, and how to engage visitors who come to the exhibition.

Have Engaging Staff On Hand

The people who man your booth make all the difference. Your sales staff who are manning the stand will need to know how to engage with customers and keep them interested without being too pushy or overbearing. You might even want to hire specialist promotions staff who are friendly and engaging, and can bring extra business to your stand.

Offer Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff, and promotional items usually are received better than leaflets or business cards. Giving out free stuff will keep people around the stand for longer, and gives them something to take home with them. Free products you could offer include tote bags – to carry the endless brochures and leaflets you get at exhibitions, refreshments, pens, notepads, and useful office items as well as USB sticks with promotional materials pre-loaded onto them

Just make sure that any promotional giveaways are relevant to you and your exhibiting campaign. Visitors are more likely to queue for your stand if they know they’ll get something out of it, and will often give away their e-mail address in exchange for a free item, giving you extra leads and a greater ROI.

Professional Design

People are more likely to stay close to your stand if it’s interesting and engaging, and that’s why it’s worth investing in professional design. Take a look at for some design ideas, and you’ll see the difference the professional touch can make. From incorporating the right materials in your stand design to the use of flat screens with promotional videos and the finishing embellishments of adding an engaging digital games to your display, there’s lots you can do to keep people interested.

It’s always disappointing to create a wonderful new exhibition stand, and yet not have people stay for longer than a couple of seconds. That’s why you need to look at ways to engage your audience, whether it’s with industry specific tricks, or general ideas to get them staying at your stand for longer. You can then feel confident that investing in an exhibition is good value for your company, and that you can make better connections at exhibition events.

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