Going BIG in Big Apple

This is every company’s dream – to do business in NYC. This city is perceived as startup’s Promised Land, fertile soil for entrepreneurship and creativity to grow. Young businessmen from other parts of the US (as well as from other countries) often long for NYC’s startup culture, and take a trip to find happiness (and investors) in the Big Apple. But it can turn out to be tricky to gain customers. What can help? Marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?

Using automation rules those systems can automatically react to behaviours or profile changes identified for contacts recorded in your database. The rules enable you to execute simple actions, such as automated notifications and alerts regarding your prospects’ activity to be sent directly to your sales team. On the other hand, you can run fully automated, complex and advanced marketing campaigns.

By automating sales and marketing processes, companies save time they would have to spend performing these operations manually. Marketing teams who have chosen to take advantage of marketing automation can focus on key strategic processes. Companies working with Marketing Automation report:

  • 300 % increase in the number of contacts referred to sales teams
  • falling numbers of ignored leads: from 80 % to 25 %
  • 10 % increase in revenues owing to contact management automation only
  • in 63 % of cases revenue increases reported are higher that those of the company’s competitors

Sounds too complicated? Learn how to do this!

SALESmanago, a marketing automation platform from Poland, which is one of world’s TOP6, gives New Yorkers a chance to learn from it’s experts’ experience. On 9th July the company organizes an event called Marketing Automation Day – a one day (4 hours) meeting during which the participants will learn how to use Marketing Automation tools and achieve better results in almost every digital marketing and sales field.

Everyone who is interested in modern approach to online marketing is invited. SALESmanago will show real case studies from top performing companies within content personalization in Europe and teach how to deliver more sales ready leads to sales department, increase customer engagement and generate new higher revenue from marketing campaigns.

Registration is free and everyone interested can sign up here: Marketing Automation Day in NYC

Would like to achieve success in NYC? Maybe it’s a good way to start.


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