Credit Cards That Are Literally Made of Gold

We are all familiar with the Gold category of credit cards that most banking institutions are offering in the market. These cards normally cater the mid to upper-level employees that want additional benefits from their existing credit card. If you think that you deserve something more premium, there’s another class of exclusive cards categorized as titanium or platinum that offer perks a notch higher than what the previous tier can deliver.

But has it ever crossed your mind, what about the ultra-rich? What kind of privileges does these uber-affluent members of society require from their financial service provider? More importantly, what type of credit cards do they use and regularly carry in their wallets? We have listed down some of the most prestigious credit cards that only the wealthiest can wield, made from the most precious materials in the world.


dubai-firstDubai First Royale Card

Aside from having the credit card trimmed with gold, there’s also a .235 carat white diamond exquisitely placed right in the middle of the card. Dubbed as the most exclusive credit card in the world, you can only have one by invitation. Open exclusively to royal family members as well as VIPs with sky-high net worth, there’s no spending limit for this card, along with top-notch service that comes with it.


jpm-palladiumJP Morgan Chase Palladium Card

Made up of precious metals palladium and gold, just the card itself already costs $1,000. To own one, a private banker under JP Morgan is required, which prescribes a minimum of $1 million. Although the qualification can still be brought down to $250,000, only for current Chase Private Clients. A cool benefit is you get exclusive access to MarquisJet, one of the biggest private jet fleets in the world as well as 35,000 bonus points once your reach a spending of $100,000.


sberbank-infiniteSberbank Visa Infinite Gold Card

Upping the ante is this credit card from a Kazakhstani bank, made of solid gold with 26 pieces of embedded diamonds totaling 0.17 carats, plus a mother of pearl. The obvious downside is it weighs 45 grams making it if not the world’s heaviest. Getting this card will set you back a total of $100,000, where $35,000 goes to your opening balance and $65,000 for the cost of the card itself. Offered by Sberbank-Kazakhstan, it will provide preferential access to exclusive services and luxurious getaways brought upon by “Sberbank First” personal manager.


eurasian-diamondEurasian Diamond Card Visa Infinite

Remarkably for those with a penchant for the finest things in life, it’s considered to be the world’s first credit card adorned with a 0.02 carat diamond, encrusted right in the middle of a pure gold, heart-designed ornament. Along with its elegant design comes the exclusivity of owning such a prestigious card. You can only acquire it through personal recommendation coming directly from the Eurasian Bank in Kazakhstan board members or 2 fellow Eurasian Diamond cardholders. At this elite level, the amount you spend is no longer an issue as you enjoy no credit limits, plus privileged access to private planes.


luxurycard-gold-mcLuxury Card: MasterCard Gold Card

If you already own the MasterCard Black Card and you still feel the need to up your game, then the next step for you would be the Luxury Card: MasterCard Gold Card. The card itself is detailed in 24 karat gold emblazoned with a carbon-made patented design. Details on how to qualify for this card is quite secretive but the privileges remain top of its class. Enjoy courtside seats at major sporting events or get exclusive access to specialized lessons from top experts in the field.


The cards listed here are not exactly for the average Joe and for most of us, getting qualified is close to impossible, even if we try. The super-rich usually have special needs that are different from the rest and exclusivity really comes with a price. But for the common folk, the usual cards will already suffice as long as we compare and apply for credit cards that suit our needs.

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John Sulit

Learning more about the digital industry daily.

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