Boosting motivation in 2017: 3 steps to a more productive office

A tumultuous year of political upheaval and a shaky global economy – all thanks to Brexit and the Trump calamity – has everyone worried about the future, and it’s left offices around the country feeling more than a little flat.

Instead of facing the New Year with the usual hopeful excitement, uncertainties about job security and a general public unease has your downtrodden employees unhappily trudging into work every morning.

It may be understandable – you’ve no doubt got a few business concerns of your own – but allowing such a soul-destroying atmosphere to take over your office isn’t a smart move.

As the boss, it’s your responsibility to stir your staff into being engaged and inspired again, otherwise you’ll soon notice productivity taking a nosedive.

To help you kick your workplace back into gear, we’re sharing three top tips for motivating you and your employees – take a look.

Improve your leadership skills

How you act, behave and work sets the tone for the entire office, so if you want to see the place buzzing with action you’ve got to show them how it’s done.

Improving your leadership skills is key, and easier than ever with the abundance of online management courses available. You’ll learn the latest updates in how to manage projects and staff, and you can study around your existing schedule.

As well as being able to put your newfound knowledge into action, your hard work and positive attitude could just prove infectious, inspiring other employees to push their own development, too.

Update your office

When motivation is already at an all-time low, the last thing you need is a temperamental internet connection or malfunctioning printer tipping someone over the edge.

And yet, research from Sharp shows that inept and slow technology causes the average UK worker to waste 21 days a year – that’s almost the same as their annual holiday entitlement.

Don’t let a poor office leave you out of pocket or force your employees into shoddy working habits. Invest in new computers if necessary, install the latest software solutions where appropriate and replace any inefficient or unnecessary equipment.

Provide extra incentives

As well as doing everything you can to improve the atmosphere in your office, you can also give staff some much-need motivation in the form of incentives.

Set targets and offer rewards,whether vouchers or bonuses, for those who meet them – it’s a particularly effective strategy for a sales environment but can also work successfully in other businesses.

Or consider embracing flexible working patterns popular with companies like Netflix and Amazon – giving employees more control over their hours and time-off has been proven to boost productivity.

Bear our three tips in mind and you’ll soon find yourself at the helm of a motivated and happy office, capable of making it through 2017 no matter what challenges pop up along the way.

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